How to Boost Postpartum Healing with Recovery Kit

How to survive postpartum
How to survive postpartum

Postpartum is a transitional stage in a woman’s life. It brings joy and new responsibilities. On the other hand, it’s also a period when the body needs special care. Postpartum healing could turn out to be an exciting experience for new mothers if they were provided with a recovery kit. A postpartum recovery kit refers to a collection of carefully selected products that support the body of a newly delivered mother, both physically and emotionally. This article is aimed to explore postpartum healing with recovery kit.

Key Components of a Postpartum Recovery Kit

  • Postpartum Underwear: An important part of the recovery kit should include comfortable and supportive underwear. Post-baby undergarments are meant to hold the stomach securely because they are specially designed according to postpartum needs.
  • Perineal Care Products: There are notable alterations in the perineal area as a result of childbirth. Perineal care products such as medicated creams, cooling pads, and soothing sprays are commonly included in a recovery kit to help ease discomfort and promote healing.
  • Breast Care Items: Feeding is one of the difficult moments that a woman experiences in the postnatal period. Recovery kits may contain nursing pads, nipple creams, and breast pumps that aim to help ease breastfeeding.
  • Hydration and Nutrition: A woman’s body should be able to heal itself easily during this period after giving birth, especially if there is adequate hydration and nutrition. Some recovery kits also include nutritious snacks and herbal teas that help sustain physical recovery and energy.
  • Comfortable Clothing: Postpartum recovery kits usually include a wide array of convenient clothing items, like casual pajamas and bathrobes. These things help to relax the client and make him or her at ease during this important stage.
  • Stool softeners: New mothers may experience constipation after childbirth, among other things. These kits may also contain stool softeners to relieve this problem.
  • Emotional Support Resources: Postpartum recovery involves both psychosocial and physical elements. Some kits also have books or contacts for support groups to deal with the emotional side of postpartum healing.

Advantages of using a postpartum recovery kit

  • Enhanced Comfort: A recovery kit consists of products that aim to make you comfortable during the postpartum process. The mother’s body needs comfort in order to be in good condition and heal from the injuries incurred.
  • Faster Healing: It is possible to heal quickly after giving birth with proper care and support. A recovery kit can be used to ensure that a mother is armed with all the necessary items to assist in her healing.
  • Reduced stress: Coping with postnatal requirements is a tedious task. A recovery kit speeds up the process and eliminates unnecessary stress, making it easier for the mother to recover and bond with the baby.
  • Support for Breastfeeding: Breast care items that can be included in a recovery kit can really help a mother in her experience of breastfeeding. Such support is essential at this time as it contributes to the welfare of the mother and the infant.

Therefore, as new mothers, it would be beneficial to explore postpartum healing with a recovery kit. These kits provide a holistic approach to treating the mother as she undergoes the postnatal process. Postpartum recovery kits aim at solving physical, emotional, and practical issues, leading to a more pleasant postpartum experience.

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Finding Someone Safe to Care for Your Kids

Baby Gates: An In-Depth Buyer’s Guide

There is so much in the media about children being mistreated that it is very difficult to decide who they will be safe with. If you need a nanny or a babysitter, how do you know that they are responsible enough to give your children the care they deserve and you want them to have? You should never just accept someone because they are convenient; there are processes you need to go through to be sure.

What Do You Need And What Can You Afford?

Childcare costs are often the second biggest expense for families in the US after housing costs such as rents and mortgages. You need to look carefully at what you need and then at how much you can afford to pay. With babysitting averaging at $16 an hour and full-time nanny’s earning more than $650 per week, it is an expense that you have to be certain you can afford before taking anyone on.

Of course, you will always find people that will work at a lower rate, and that is fine as long as they fill the criteria you have for the person caring for your children. Do some research and find what the going rate is in your locality, and that will be much fairer for you and whoever you employ.

See if you can move the hours around as it could be better to employ someone for two full days rather than for a few hours five days a week.

Nanny Agencies Are Not Always The Best Way

Nanny agencies are not always the best place to find the perfect babysitter or nanny. To start with, you need to be confident that the relevant background checks have been carried out and there have been instances in the past where false information has been provided regarding these from nanny agencies.

The only way to trust the checks is to do them yourself.  See if you can find a company like Jumio, but who will work with parents/nannies, for an identity verification check, and take up any references they have provided, ones from past employers will usually throw up a red flag if they had a problem with them. Check out their social media pages, as these will show a truer picture of their personality.

Speak to friends and relations to see if they can recommend anyone, and there are also nanny and babysitting sites that have qualified people advertising their services.

No one would suggest that all nanny agencies are bad, but you still need to do the checks yourself to be certain they are right. 

Interviews Next

When you get to the interview stage you need to be well prepared. Have your questions ready and answers to any questions you expect them to ask you. Try to avoid questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no as you will not learn much about them that way.

Do not expect them to automatically know all the answers regarding your children, as some things will depend on your practices with child-rearing.

Anyone that you think might be suitable, let the children meet. Try to leave them alone for just a few minutes and see how things are when you return to the room.  If you do this with 2 or 3 candidates you will find that your children have a preference, and that is great of it agrees with yours.

Have A Trial Period

A trial period is vital just to see how things work out before making it a permanent arrangement. Set a period of a month or so and see how the children and the nanny are getting on after that.  

Always be aware of your children’s reactions. This does not just apply to nannies and babysitters but to anyone, they come in contact with. Children do not generally shy away from people without reason, so be wary of anyone they do this with.

Some parents go to the extent of having cameras fitted around the home when this happens, but if you do this you should inform the person providing the childcare that they can be seen.


Every two or three months you should sit and chat with the nanny to find out anything they are not happy with, and vice versa. This should be seen as a review of their performance. It is a chance to reward them if they are doing exactly the job you wanted, or to point out things that need to change.

This chats can be useful for you and them, but the people that should benefit most from them will be the children.

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7 Useful and Practical Baby Products Worth Investing

Let’s face it, it can be quite overwhelming browsing the baby aisles looking for the perfect baby must-haves. With so many new toys, gear and accessories it’s tempting to just bring home the same tried-and-true products everyone else has or that worked with older siblings. Today, I’m narrowing it down whether you are a new or seasoned parent, grabbing a gift for a baby shower or simply just want to know what the hottest products for babies are at the moment.


Here are my top seven most practical and useful baby items that are worth investing in:

  1. Montessori-Inspired Wooden ToysMontessori-Inspired-Wooden-Toys.

There are so many reasons why I absolutely love wooden toys. Wooden toys have been around for decades, if not centuries and other than their (now trendy and simplistic) look, they also offer plenty of benefits:

  • Helps to Build Fine Motor Skills
  • Improves Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Promotes Problem Solving & Reasoning Skills
  • Less Distracting & Noisy
  • Encourages Use of Imagination
  • Very Durable & Easy to Clean

A few personal favorites of mine are wooden rattles, shapes and blocks, wooden cars, peg dolls and pretend food. Although these Montessori-inspired toys may cost a bit more, they come with incredible value.

  1. Beanko Baby Portable Diaper Changing Station Beanko-Diaper-Changing-Table

As a seasoned mom of four, I cannot count the number of times I have had to change my babies diaper in the car. Whether you’re on a road trip, at the park, or an outdoor event, this portable diaper changing station is hands down the most convenient accessory you can have. Not only does it fold up nicely for storage, but it also comes complete with a soft wedge to place underneath so your baby doesn’t roll. Here are a few of my favorite features:

  • Organization: Comes complete with storage pockets for baby essentials like diapers, wipes, toys and even a built-in tablet holder.
  • Sanitary: Public restrooms can be gross and often inconvenient. This is a great way to keep your baby comfy and clean with an easy-to-clean surface.
  • Convenience: If you’ve ever been in a situation where your baby has a messy situation but the kids are all asleep in the car, this is your go-to! No more waking up the kids and hauling them all inside just to change a diaper.
  • Versatility: The changing pad can detach for use on its own as a portable play mat, or you can use the storage side to attach over the back of the seat for organization when your baby is out of diapers.
  1. Dock-a-Tot Dock-a-Tot.j

The Dock-a-Tot is simply a docking station for your little one. It provides a safe and cozy space for your baby to rest, lounge and play. It’s perfect for traveling, co-sleeping, tummy time and is machine washable! The Dock-a-Tot is recommended for babies 0-8 months, but is also available in a larger size that fits toddlers.

  1. Play Gym by LoveeveryPlaygym-Lovery-Baby

If you’re anything like me, then you love anything that’s versatile and that will last for years to come. The play gym by Loveevery is one of those investments that you’ll instantly see the long-term benefits. This play gym features:

  • Stage Based Brain Development: It is designed to promote visual, cognitive and motor development from newborn through toddler years.
  • Safe & Sustainable: Comes complete with organic accessories and water-based non-toxic finishes.
  • Developmental Play: The areas on the play mat can be revealed or concealed to prevent over stimulation and promote learning through various senses like seeing, touching, mouthing and hearing.
  • Removable Accessories: Most of the pieces can be detached for continued play.
  • Convertible: Not only is this a great tummy time mat and play gym, but it also converts to a play fort using the play space cover that’s included.
  1. BabyHood Premium Baby Cots  Kaylula-sova-classic-Baby-Cot.

Purchasing your baby’s crib is probably the biggest investment of them all. This is going to be a place where your little one sleeps from birth through toddler years (or even beyond) so it’s very important to find one that you love and that will grow with your child for years and years. This BabyHood Riya Cot has a modern, stylish design and includes all of the conversion accessories that can convert into a crib, toddler bed, day bed and sofa bed. My favorite feature other than the beautiful Scandinavian design is that it has a smooth, single-hand drop-side railing so no more heavy bending!

  1. Puj Bath Tub  Puj-Bath-Tub-that-is-adjustable

One thing that I have learned from experience is that bathing your little one in the sink is the ultimate way to go. This Puj bathtub is soft, comfortable, mold and mildew resistant, fits most sinks, is great for travel and very easy to clean. With a separate mini-bathtub, you have to purchase a separate piece that helps prop the baby up, wait forever for the water to fill, wait forever for the water to drain and then clean it thoroughly after every use. It’s quite exhausting which is why I love the Puj bath! Quick, easy, convenient and hangs flat for easy storage. Plus, when your baby outgrows the sink, he/she will be big enough to sit and bathe in the regular tub.

  1. Stroller/Car Seat Travel System Evenflo-Travel-System

A car seat is an absolute must-have, while a stroller is optional (although I highly recommend having one). This Evenflo Travel System is your all-in-one! It comes complete with an infant car seat that attaches easily to the stroller itself, a stay-in-car base and a full-size luxury stroller. The stroller itself features six modes of use, a large canopy, extra large storage basket, removable child tray, soft sturdy tires and is lightweight and easy to store. Truly the best of both worlds with this travel system. Try a stroller bundle bag to keep baby warm, you can make them yourself.

There are numerous innovative baby products on the market, but these are just a few of my personal favorites that I truly believe are worth investing in. I wanted to share products that will bring both you and your baby joy in your day-to-day activities as well as products that will grow with your baby. Did I miss one of your must-have products? Feel free to share your favorite baby accessories that spark joy for you and your little one down below!

This post may contain affiliate links and I might receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.
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7 Tips for Working Moms to Juggle Kids and Career

7-Tips-for-Working-Moms-to-Juggle-Kids-and-CareerWe cannot be perfect in everything that we do. No matter how much we want to, we cannot possibly give our 100%. It is quite normal yet a struggle for some. Especially for us working women who have the responsibility of their children, career, and household on our shoulders. What we can do, is find a balance; a work-life balance, which is quite similar to walking on a tightrope while holding a pole in hand with family and home on each end.

It can get stressful. A full-time mother tends to feel guilty as her attention is divided between work and family. If you want to have a successful career without sacrificing your family time, the key is to formulate a plan and stick to it. It is very important to get organized. Get your priorities in order both professional and personal. In order to do that and figure out your responsibilities, ask yourself some questions. Again, prioritize the tasks on which you cannot compromise. Are you going to be okay with some things being just good enough and not perfect? When you are able to give clear answers to these questions, you will be in a better position to make adjustments and decide what you can, and cannot do.

Listed below are 7 tips to help you out in finding the right work-life balance:

Finding the balance:

When it comes to marriage, motherhood, and a career, I’d be happy to burst this bubble that there is no perfect balance. But, you can try. Only you know what a priority is and what isn’t. Remove the word SHOULD. Don’t listen to people who tell you what you should or shouldn’t be able to accomplish. Don’t stress yourself out by telling yourself that you should be able to do a certain thing because someone else can.

What you need to do is, focus on your own needs and well-being. You should think of yourself first. If you are having a tough time finding a balance, list down everything. Observe and reevaluate. You could try re-allocation of your work duties along with your parenting duties as with the passage of time they are bound to change.

Set Time Limited and Avoid Getting Distracted:

When you are a working woman every minute counts. No matter if you are at home or on the job. Did you know that getting distracted at job leads you to waste three hours every day? And this needs to be done both when you are at home or at work. If you wish to be productive at work and stay focused, make sure that you do not waste your time scrolling down Facebook newsfeed, browsing the internet or gossiping with colleagues. Spending too much time in exchanging emails, internet surfing, and long lunches are time wasting. It also makes you less productive. It is ok to catch a short break but you have to set specific time limits regarding social media and phone usage etc. But focus on your tasks first. You can talk to your colleagues during lunchtime and coffee breaks.

Not only that, you have to be disciplined in following those time limits. When you are at home, avoid spending too much time on the TV. You can use that time to be with your children or partner. It is essential that you keep away from multi-tasking when you are with your children.

Sometimes It Is Ok To Be “Good Enough” And Not Perfect:

Do you how much energy is drained out of women while trying to be the perfect wife, mother, and a worker? You can give yourself a break. You deserve it too. Whenever you have a task ahead of you, ask yourself that does it have to be perfect or ‘just done’ would do too? Tell you what? At least 8 out of 10 times, a simple ‘get the job done’ is more than enough.

Let go of the Guilt:

As a mother and a working woman, it is natural to feel guilty about not spending time with your children. Think about how your work is helping your household or helping you even as you are pursuing something you want to do. Maybe, in the long run, you can spend more on your child’s education and get them enrolled in certain classes or courses that wouldn’t have been possible without the extra income? Successful career moms have found a midway to be efficient in both worlds and that, needs the acceptance of one’s roles. It calls for coming to terms with the options and then focus on what is important currently.

You have to accept that you will have your share of good and bad days. Working mothers should know that they are not alone. When it gets overwhelming, share your feelings and thoughts with your partners or other working moms. Reaching out for help is a great means to achieve work-life balance.

Stay Connected with your Children:

Knowing whether your children have reached home safely or knowing that they are not wasting time on social media has been made easy with technology. You can stay connected with your children while they work at the office. You could make a video call when you are on break. For a child, seeing their mother is comforting and helps them in knowing that you are there and available for them. It could also help them get through a bad day if they are having one. Child-monitoring-apps-including-Xnspy-have-proven-to-be-a-great-help-to-working-mothers

Child monitoring apps including Xnspy have proven to be a great help to working mothers. Mothers can know what their kids are doing on the internet along with their whereabouts. To control screen-time and make sure that your child doesn’t waste time on his smartphone while doing homework, you can lock the device remotely even. If there is a school event you won’t be able to attend or be late, do something to compensate for that. Like a small note or just make them feel valued and special. And whenever you spend time with your children, make a big deal out of it so that they can learn how important it is to spend time with your family.

Set Boundaries between Home and Work:

The way things are going nowadays, this is quite the task. Easier said than done. When we carry out most of our work with our smartphones even at work, it has become difficult to simply turn off our job responsibilities when we get back home. The same way, it is difficult to stop worrying about your home life or kids when you are at work.

It is extremely important for you to set boundaries so you can focus wholeheartedly on both personal, and professional aspects of your life. When you leave for home, don’t bring work home. When you are spending time with your children or spouse, don’t use your phone for sending emails or discussing some work related issue. In order to strike the right balance, you have to take care of your personal relationships.

You need to learn to say NO. Say NO to anything that does not align with your priorities. It is the key to successfully manage your professional and personal life. The first thing to do about it is to establish firm rules regarding your availability after office hours. The environment of your workplace plays an important role and, it might be as simple as not responding to emails, text messages, or work-related calls after a certain hour. When you stick to it, people will get the point. You have to make it clear to your colleagues when you are at home your time is for your family. This also assists you in spending quality time with your loved ones without any distractions.

Put your Phone Down:

Seemingly a small and harmless thing, it can make a big difference. It affects relationships too. When you get home from work, avoid using it for work but also try leaving it on do not disturb mode. Breaking this habit can be difficult with half of us being so addicted to your phones but, it can bring remarkable changes in your relationships both with your spouse and children. When you are talking to someone and constantly use your phone, it not only feels rude the other person feel rejected too. It affects the quality of communication you share with your partner and children. Putting-down-your-phine-increases-the-quality-of-communication

Cut down on your social media use as well. This is also directly related to phone time. You are physically present but not really interacting with the people around. Set a time for checking up on your social media. See it right after work or after dinner. Avoid using your smartphone right before sleeping as the blue light emissions from smartphone disturb your sleep cycle along with your circadian rhythms as well.

Make use of a reliable child monitoring app and find quality childcare:

A child monitoring app comes in handy to monitor your children’s activities when you are at work. Xnspy was designed keeping in the mind of parents and especially, working parents who cannot be with their children during the day. It is an app you can trust completely. And it is not only simple to use, but it is also quite easy on the pocket. All you need to do is subscribe to the app and then install it on your child’s phone. After 24-48 hours the app will fetch data from your child’s phone and upload it to your web account.

The app monitors everything from text messages, calls, and locations to web browsing history, social media activity and a lot more. So, even while staying at work you can monitor your child’s activities on the internet, see where they are in real-time and keep a check on how much time they spend on their phones. It is extremely important to make sure that they do not neglect their study or homework time. Xnspy lets you keep an eye on that.Here-are-some-of-the-features-of-the-Xnspy-app-to-give-you-an-idea-what-this-app-is-capable-of

Here are some of the features of the Xnspy app to give you an idea what this app is capable of:

  • Access Emails:

If you notice your child acting tensed of off, and you notice him checking his email more than usual, it might need a look. And Xnspy lets you do that by giving you access to their emails. Cyberbullies have many ways to bully others. Apart from your social media accounts’ they also get into your emails and send harassing or threatening messages/images. You can timely intervene and take action by checking your child’s email.

  • Access Apps and Multimedia:

Nowadays, social media are all the rage for communication and having fun with friends. Xnspy allows you to monitor Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Tinder, Kik, Viber, and Facebook Messenger.

  • Location Tracking:

It is natural for teens to be spontaneous and adventurous. They would want to visit places you would not approve of. Yet. They can be reckless that is part of the adolescence age. With Xnspy’s GPS location tracking feature you can know the location of your child. The app tracks the location of your child’s phone. This feature is also great in finding a lost phone or if your child goes missing. Parents can also benefit from the geo-fencing feature of the app. Xnspy lets you add certain words to its Watchlist so you get an alert whenever that place is entered or exited.

  • Keylogger:

If your child has an Android smartphone, then you can make use of Xnspy’s keylogger feature. The keylogger feature lets you record keystrokes on all the frequently used apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and Facebook Messenger. Even if the messages are deleted, you can know about the keystrokes made on the phone.

  • Monitor Text messages and Phone calls:

Teens love texting and it is a popular means of communication. With the help of Xnspy, you can remotely access the incoming and outgoing text messages with completed details such as dates and time stamps. You can access everything that is going on the phone with the help of Xnspy’s online web account. You certain words that you deem age-inappropriate or too explicit according to your child’s age can be added to Xnspy’s Watchlist. The app will notify you whenever any word from your added list comes up in the chat or conversation.

You can also see a detailed call analysis of the frequent callers and call durations.

  • Monitor Web Browsing History:

There is tons of content on the internet. Your child can be exposed to abusive, hateful or sexual content on the internet. Xnspy’s lets you view the internet web browser history. This way you know the kind websites your child access. You can even block certain sites on your child’s phone. Xnspy lets you see the Top 10 Websites. This way, you know which sites your child is accessing.

  • Remote Control:

Xnspy lets you get the remote control of your child’s phone. With the help of Xnspy child monitoring app, you can:

  1. App blocking
  2. Access to installed apps
  3. Remote lock of the device
  4. Live screenshots
  5. Switch on the microphone of the target phone
  6. Wipe data from the target device

Apart from using a child monitoring app, you could ask among your circle for references to daycare centers, nannies, and babysitters. A good childcare provider shouldn’t only have impressive references but, an extensive experience and a record to prove is critical as well. A good daycare should provide you with the facility of flexible hours, updated licenses, an outdoor space, and trustworthy employees.

Last but not least, the secret to maintaining an ideal work-life balance is to take out time to do something that you really love. Anything that gets you relaxed. It could be a spa, or a massage, reading your favorite book, driving around or watching reruns of your favorite TV series. Even doing nothing at all and spending time at home. It can be anything. It is important that you learn to take care of yourself first and pay attention to your well-being. Only then, you will be able to take good care of your work and family.

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you make a purchase using an affiliate link.

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