5 Basic Checklist Items for Themed Birthday Parties

5 Basic Party Checklist for Themed BirthdaysTheme parties are the best kind of parties. You get to have fun and come up with creative ideas for decorations, party favors, and even food to capture the essence of your chosen theme. You and your guests also get to dress up according to the theme.

Imagine doing a Harry Potter–inspired party. You get to dress up as a Hogwarts student and be a witch or wizard because a theme party won’t be complete without Harry Potter decorations or costumes. If you’re celebrating a birthday soon, especially a young child’s, why not try throw this kind of party? Of course, to organize a successful birthday theme party, you need to get these basics covered.


You can’t get away with a theme party without decorations. It’s the heart of the party (aside from the celebratory and the people). It’s through the decorations that you truly show your chosen theme. For the perfect theme-party decor, the first thing you should do is research ideas and inspirations.

Pinterest has a large collection of DIY party decorations for different themes. If you’ve chosen a game, movie, or TV show as your theme, study its visual elements (e.g., colors, logos, props, and symbolic items in the show), and see what you can integrate in the party décor.

Food and Beverages

After decorations, food and beverages are the next on the checklist of things that you can customize to embody the theme. Make or buy a custom cake or specially made cupcakes. Use frosting that follows the color motif of the concept you’re using, then you can print little signs that have something to do with the theme and put them on the desserts.

Pay attention to details. Even the food containers, cups, and display stands should also work with the theme. There are lots of ready-made plates and paper cups made for theme parties. You can find lots of affordable party supplies of well-known films or series, like Harry Potter and Stranger Things, or popular games, like Minecraft or Fortnite.

Party Favors

One of the most exciting parts of any party, especially theme parties, is the favors. Who wouldn’t love a gift that’s given freely? Party favors are exactly that.

Every aspect of the party should adhere to the theme, and that includes the party favors. The usual party favors are small gifts that can be practical, decorative, edible or fun items.  You can choose to buy a ready-made party favor that’s related to your theme.

For instance, vinyl figures would be perfect for a movie, TV show, or game theme parties. You can do DIY party favors if you want to save money and integrate the theme in the packaging or decoration.

Games and Activities

What’s a party without games and activities? It’s what brings the fun and laughter to the celebration. So how do you insert the theme to the party games and activities? You can use the usual party games and add a twist that has something to do with the theme of your party, or you can invent your own game or activity.

There are also lots of resources online for game ideas for birthday parties, following different themes, like video games, films, shows, sports, etc. All you need to do is find them.


For people who love dressing up, here’s a chance for them to unleash their creativity and let themselves shin. A theme party won’t be complete without costumes. If you love craft-making, you can take this chance to show off your mad skills, but there’s also nothing wrong with buying a ready-to-wear costume from the mall.

To encourage guests to dress up, you can have a costume contest and give a little prize to winner with the best costume before the party ends.

Final Word

Make your or your family’s next birthday celebration special by organizing an exciting theme party. You can invite all your friends and have fun dressing up in costumes, playing games, and eating delicious party food.

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8 Birthday Cake Ideas for Your Baby Girl’s Birthday

8 Birthday Cake Ideas FOr Your Baby Girls BirthdayBaby girls are every bit cute and adorable. Watching them grow up in front of you is a joy in itself. So if your baby girl’s birthday is just around the corner, you need to prepare well in advance to make it a memorable one for your little bundle of joy. A big part of that preparation is to get a perfect cake for her birthday and it for sure can be tricky. However, with a little help, everything becomes a breeze. So here are eight birthday cake design ideas for a birthday cake for your baby girl:

  1. A Barbie doll cake:
    Barbie Doll Cake
    A Barbie doll has always been a favorite of girls. So getting a Barbie doll cake for your baby girl will be a great idea. You can go for a tiered cake with the barbie doll placed at the top of the cake or you can get the whole cake designed like a Barbie doll. Since you are getting the cake for your baby girl, it will be better if you go for a fondant-made Barbie doll.

2. A Disney Princess cake:
A Disney Princess cake
A princess for a princess that your baby girl is, this Disney Princess cake will be a perfect choice for her birthday. The design scheme and colour selection should be in keeping with that of Disney Princess. A fondant-made Disney Princess will be preferable.

3. A Minnie Mouse cake:
Mickey Mouse Cake cake for little girls Birthday
If Mickey Mouse is the favourite of baby boys, then Minnie Mouse rules the hearts of baby girls. Keep the colour-scheme to the iconic red, pink, and black. To make things more fun, you can base the theme of the entire birthday party on Minnie and Mickey Mouse. It will also keep other kids, who will come for her birthday, interested.

4. Favourite animal cake:
Animal Cake For Little Girls Birthday
Which animal is your baby girl’s favourite? Well! She sure has one. You can get her a cake shaped like her favourite animal or a cake with a fondant-made animal toy on top of it. You can make the cake more colourful by choosing a vibrant colour scheme.

5. A flower-themed cake:
Floral Birthday Cake For Little Girls Birthday
Girls love flowers. A flower-themed cake will not just be delectable, but a treat to the eyes as well. You can decorate your house with pretty flowers to complement the cake and also to make your baby girl’s birthday party all the more pleasing.

6. A Cinderella cake:
Cinderella Cake
Cinderella’s story is probably one of the first fairy tales that baby girls listen to and grow up listening to. A cake that has a Cinderella theme, or with a fondant-shaped Cinderella toy on top will surely be loved by your little angel.

7. A favourite colour-themed cake:

A cake with a colour scheme based on your baby girl’s favourite colour will make her eyes light up. You can choose to decorate the cake with child-friendly fondant motifs.

8. A bow-shaped cake:
Pretty Little Bows Birthday Cake
Don’t we all love decking up our cute little angels with pretty little bows? Bows look cute and girly, so a bow-shaped cake for your baby girl’s birthday will be a splendid idea. It can be one cake shaped like a bow, or a cake that is decorated with several tiny bow-shaped motifs all over it.

Choose from these cake ideas, and make your baby girl’s birthday a real blast! You can order these online as well, if you feel, baking them at home will be a hassle.

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Need Fun Supplies For Any Party~Bridal Shower~Birthday Parties and Engagement Parties

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The Art Of Throwing A Perfect Party On A Budget

When there’s a celebration coming into your family, either around a birthday, an anniversary, or even a baby shower occasion, somebody needs to throw the perfect party to put everyone in the right mood. However, more often than not, the perfect party becomes synonymous with extravagant expenses, from hiring a limousine with chauffeur for the weekend to serving the most exquisite food to your guests. More often than not, the mind can’t begin to imagine the reality of a party without breaking the bank. How many bottles of champagne do we need for the occasion? Should we buy a new set of plates for the evening? Whatever it is, you want something really special, and it doesn’t seem like a budget party could do the trick. But there are simple ways to make your home reception feel unique without overspending. 


Wanna save money? Measure your portions!  

Personalize the most important details

The first thing that every marketing expert learns is to make their customer feels unique with a personalized approach. You can apply the same tip to your party preparations. Custom-made items don’t have to break the bank, as you can order sets of customized napkins from giftsin24.com for under $32. You can also put name tags where everyone sits for a small dinner party, for instance. For celebrations with a large group, a banderole can do wonder to personalize the party at low costs. You can also make sure that the person for who the party is organized receives a custom-made t-shirt with a printout of their most memorable and relevant image.

Getting your party food right

Most hosts find that the major part of their party budget is dedicated to food and drinks. However, for the majority of them, they could have reduced the food budget without any consequence for their guests. Most people, unintentionally, plan far too much food for parties and end up spending more than they should. Estimating the right portion for your guests is tricky but necessary. A common mistake is to maintain large portion sizes for a variety of choices. The more choices you offer, the smaller the portions. You can find on thespruce.com a handy portion size list per person, from the horsdoœuvres to the desserts, all labeled in bites and ounces for guidance. Don’t be tempted to offer too many options, and focus on manageable dishes and flavors to satisfy most guests.

Last, the gift that impresses

Finally, there is no party without a gift. However, the perfect gift doesn’t have to break the bank either. A homemade gift is thoughtful and charming, especially if you create it especially for the recipient. Whether you make it a work of art or an item of clothing, you can choose something meaningful, such as a memory you both share or simply a design that reflects on your relationship.

If you’re looking for something more specific according to their tastes or for their hobby, the power of the internet is on your side. You can easily look for oddities and trinkets such as medieval-inspired feastware, antique rings, or signed Harry Potter memorabilia with a few simple search queries. If the price is too much for you, then you make it yourself. It’s the thought that counts, after all. If you’re not a crafter, the experience is the perfect idea as you’re sure not to give a present that will accumulate dust in the living room.

You can keep a tight budget when planning a party, and yet still make things as cheerful and appealing as you wish. Keep your eyes peeled for the personal details, in the decor, and the choice of the gift can help you to combine purposeful items and low costs. Finally, know your portion size: Big portions are a waste of money and food!

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