If You Cant Find Hand Sanitizing Wipes I Have a Solution

Is everyone ready to stay in for a couple of weeks, I hope you were all able to put in supplies, food and some extra water and oh and TP.

Well, I have been reading so much in the past week my eyes are strained. I have been doing what everyone else is doing and preparing if I need to stay confined for 2 weeks or if it becomes mandatory.Make-you-own-Hand-Sanitizing-wipes-and-gel-using-Cosmetic-Face-Wipes-or-Baby-Wipes-into-Sanitizing-Hand-Wipes

And when I have been out shopping I have been watching what has gone off the shelves and what is still available over the past several weeks, about the time the run on TP and water started.  Everyone bought up all the cleaning wipes and hand sanitizing wipes but I noticed that shelves are still full of baby wipes and face wipes and I got an idea. Thinking outside the box and this is not new I found the idea on Pinterest and I  wanted to share it with my readers.

Kudos to Moms they are smart and are always thinking of ways to save money so this is a perfect idea for now and in the future. I also search Google and but with the moms on Pinterest I was able to find a couple I can share here:


Mom Tips:  Moms are smart and are always thinking of ways to save money so this is a perfect idea for now and in the future.

So if you were not able to find hand sanitizing wipes, you can still buy Baby wipes or Face Wipes and use either “99% isopropyl alcohol” or [“Witch Hazel” which is a natural antimicrobial that kills viruses] and add to the package to make them antimicrobial.

“According to the CDC, the most effective ingredient to use is ethyl alcohol. And they actually say %60 to %80 percent is when you actually get effective,” Kim says. Other antibacterial ingredients such as vodka and witch hazel can be used instead if that’s what a user prefers, but Kim notes that ethyl alcohol is the better option for killing viral germs.

Source of Wipes
To make these hand sanitizing wipes I have found a plentiful supply of face wipes at TJMaxx or Ross! But if you want to order, I know there on Amazon too. No affiliate link sorry but if you have an affiliate program you are welcome to share in comments.

Essential Oils

I am familiar with essential oils and how effective they can be to use when cleaning and in my research, I found using essential oils to name a few citrus oils, Tea Tree Oil, Ecuptuluptus Oil, Thieves, Frankincense, Myrrh, and there are others. And don’t take my word for it, you can read more about other essential oils here:

2.1 Essential Oils https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6471180/

I am sure many of you are even affiliates of essential oil companies or know someone that is, but if you dont you can find what you need at the store.
But read the following article be sure the essential oils are pure read #8 https://www.naturallivingideas.com/fake-essential-oils/#:~:text=

Be sure to test your oil for purity once you’ve purchased it. To do so, simply place a single drop onto a piece of white paper (computer printer paper works great), and then allow it to dry.

If an oil ring is left behind, it’s not a pure essential oil.

Be sure to read the entire content of the page shared above.

And I have another suggestion for those elusive hand sanitizer’s making your own spray that can be used when hand washing just isn’t available when you are out or in the car just by using just a few ingredients: This one is made using  %60-%90 alcohol, and essential oils. To keep the spray from drying out the hands add Vit E (optional) according to  Lisa Griffith she has recently updated her post to the CDC standards. Lisa has other recipes for handmade beauty products on her site you might want to explore.

If you cannot find aloe vera in one place of the store, try the suntan product section or on the aisle where they sell antiseptic products. And be sure to ask someone, they package products for different uses and market them in different sections of stores.

I hope you have found this informative and useful, I have no medical degrees this is just my opinion and observations and meant for some clarity on prevention and precautions for passing bacteria. Let me know in comments and your suggestions and again if you sell essential oils, leave your link to share. I will update this post as needed.

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Beboe Therapies
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Swimming on a Period: Are Tampons Safe & Hygienic

Are-tampons-safe-while-on-a-periodCan you go swimming on your period? The answer is yes and if you are wondering if can you do so with tampons then it’s another yes! Tampons are definitely safe and hygienic to use for swimming as long as you use them well. Don’t worry if you have never tried, we will tell you why it is OK to use tampons for swimming plus we will separate a few facts from the myths of swimming on your period.

Swimming on Your Period

Don’t let your period prevent you from donning a bikini, surfing, swimming and doing other water sports. You can actually just wear a tampon and that’s it.  You are good to keep enjoying being in the water! Don’t be nervous if you are using tampons for the first time.  There are a lot of guides to help you learn how to insert and remove a tampon correctly. Now, tampons are designed to function for a few hours, about 4 to 8 hours.  In other words, make sure you have more than one tampon if you will be out swimming for the whole day, especially if you tend to have a heavy period.

Swimming with a tampon on your period is hygienic given that it will reduce the chances of any leakage into the pool or ocean for that matter. If it happens that there is a slight leakage, it will be taken care of by the chlorine used to treat pools.

Can you swim in your period without a tampon?

There is that myth that your period will stop when you are in the water.  While the water pressure will counteract your blood flow, this won’t totally prevent blood from leaking out when you are swimming. That’s why you are better off wearing a tampon to enjoy swimming on your period

Best Tampons for Swimming

Most tampons are actually good in the water but you should pick the right one depending on your needs and comfort. If you are in a swimming competition, for example, you would probably want to go for the best tampons for swimming. You will want to go for tampons that are designed to give you the utmost comfort when you engage in rigorous physical activity. Sport tampons are made with soft groves but don’t forget to go for a tampon that suits the heaviness of the menstrual flow.

Can You Use Pads for Swimming on your Period?

No, you shouldn’t go out swimming on your period with a pad keeping in mind that it is designed to absorb liquids.  A pad is thus bound to absorb water unlike a tampon and will certainly make swimming quite uncomfortable.

Wrap Up:

In conclusion, there are many myths pertaining to swimming in your period but most of them aren’t true. So, don’t get scared of getting active underwater when you are on your period. Just find the right tampon for swimming and keep the fun going!

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