Choosing a decorative roofing solution for your home? Try these options

A house without a roof is useless— we all know this.

Your roof protects you from the elements and weather. However, the roof is often the most neglected part of a house. And while it is safe to say that most types of materials used for roofing can help enhance the overall aesthetic of your house, some of these materials are more appropriate for your budget or climate than others.

And with so many decorative roofing solutions available, choosing the right roofing material can be a challenging process.

Here are some of the most popular decorative roofing solutions you might want to try for your home:

  1. Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt Shingle Roofs are probably the most traditional roof you can see. This type of roofing solution offers more options for styles and colors and tend to be the most affordable there is. Asphalt Shingle

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Shingle Roofs can only be used on roofs with a slope. They do hold so well against heavy winds, but they are very easy to repair and replace when a small area has been damaged. Moreover, they are very easy to install, so if you want a DIY roofing, then asphalt shingle roofs are the best choice for you.

  1. Concrete Tiles

Tiles made of concrete are becoming popular since they look similar to traditional materials, like slate tiles, but a lot cheaper. Concrete Tiles are great insulators and work great for both hot and cold climate. Also, these tiles offer less noise during heavy rains that other roofing materials like metal.

Furthermore, concrete tile comes in various colors which makes it easier for you to look ad get a color that matches the other decorative elements of your home.

  1. Clay Tiles

Clay Tiles are ideal for stylish homes with a symmetrical arrangement make the whole house elegant and classical. The clay roof ensures that the house stays cool throughout the hot weather making it very suitable for locations in hot regions.Clay Tiles

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Clay Tiles might be a little pricey; however, it is quite durable and long lasting. Meaning, it can last for over a hundred years.

  1. Timber Shingles

Timber Shingles are popular roofing material in the US. In general, these shingles are found in overhangs, pergolas, patio covers or gazebos. And the most popular type of wood used for making timber shingles is western red cedar.

Timber shingles are generally an eco-friendly choice since cedar is grown plantations. Moreover, this type of roofing solution has natural insulation properties which surpass other materials. And it is worth mentioning that roofing made of cedar is known to withstand even the most extreme weather such as hail storms or cyclones.

  1. Metal Roofs

Metal Roofing comes in all sorts of decorative colors and designs. It is ideal for flat roofs or roofs with steep slopes. This type of roofing solution is somewhat more expensive; however, there is no doubt that the metal panels are very attractive and long lasting which can stand up better to natural disasters such as heavy winds, rains, and hail. Metal Roofing

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Metal panels can be quite noisy during the rainy season, however, panels have been improved overtime in order to have noise reducing properties and provide a better insulation.

  1. Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are one of the oldest roofing materials and are a very durable option. In general, slate tiles are associated with grey and dark color hues; however, it now comes in a broad range of colors.

However, if you are on a tight budget, opting for a slate tile roofing might be a no-no since these can be really expensive. Some slate tile suppliers offer a warranty for as long as 75 years which is more than what they offer for other roofing solutions.

Furthermore, it is safe to say that slate tiles have withstood the test of time. We all know that there is much historical European building with slate tiles and have been in good shape for centuries.


The roof is the most critical part of your home. When it is not correctly done, it can affect the life of your entire house. Whether you are building your very first home or if it is time for roof repairs, choosing the right roofing solution will ultimately add value and boost the appeal of your home.

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