After A Haircut Cleanup Edge Up For a Professionally Finish

If you wish to keep the hairline sharp and straight, you could ask your barber to edge up perfectly your hairline. You know that edging techniques would be involving the use of a specialized and expert pair of clippers known as T-edge clippers which have been designed to accurately shape hairlines for creating straight edges. Experienced and highly-skilled barbers could use effective edging techniques for creating a clean and crisp haircut. Grasping the fine art of creating crispy nice edge ups could take a few months or maybe some years of hard work, dedication, and practice. However, you could achieve the perfect haircut using the tips discussed below. After A Haircut Edge Up For a Professionally Finish

After A Haircut & Cleaning Resort to Detailing

You must carry on with the detailing once haircut and proper cleaning are done. Also clean the areas well and eliminate all sorts of residual creams and lotions left on your neck or ears. This is absolutely crucial for getting a perfectly straight line. Edging is surely a delicate task that may get ruined with unnecessary interferences.

Look for the Perfect Pressure Balance

The blades of clippers and trimmers are supposed to be very sharp, so you must exert the right amount of pressure so that you do not end up irritating the skin, cutting it, or leaving red marks on it. You must be able to decide how much pressure to exert in order to create the straight lines but not that much pressure for hurting the skin.

Pick Your Starting Point

Professional barbers would be starting the detailing right from the middle of your hairline, while some people prefer starting from one side and moving gradually towards the other. Consider using a brush from time to time for cleaning off the region you are working on so that you could get a precise access to and clear picture of the hair. You must always use the best hair edgers for the perfect look. Keep the following tips in mind.

  • You require fine-toothed trimmers for precision.
  • Small details could be created easily by using T-style blades.
  • More aggressive and wider tooth designs would be leaving fuzzier lines and softer edges.

Find the Optimum Angle

The angle that the trimmer blade makes with your scalp will make a significant difference in the smoothness of your experience and the final look of it all, especially sharper edges and lines. And this is where the distinction between an amateur and a professional comes in; professionals are able to adjust angles based on unique hair growth patterns of their clients after mastering the art. In general, though, the best lines are created at a 90-degree angle to the scalp.

Face the Mirror

Your mirror is the one element that truly determines how good your cut could be. If you have a station mirror you will be able to see both sides at the same time by lining up with your wall mirror and be able to use it as a guide to get the cut you desire.

Clean Up Nicely

A professional’s skills aren’t much good without the best tools, so you need to take care of your tools and ensure that they are running as smoothly as they can. Oil your clippers after every cut and ensure that all your tools work cleanly and crisply as they should.


An edge up could make or even break a haircut. So take your time to learn the edging techniques and develop effective visualization skills. But once you have grasped the basics well, the sky would seem to be the limit for you.

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