Helping Your Teen Boy Dress More Manly

Our Teen Boys Grow And Will Need Some Help In Dressing More Manly

So, the time has come that your baby boy wants to dress to impress. Away with the scruffy t-shirts and baggy jeans, he wants to catch capture the attention of someone special at the party that all of his friends are going to.

If this is your teen’s first time with truly smart dress, they will probably seek a lending hand and some helpful advice – even if they won’t directly come out with it. Help them to dress more like a man, whilst still retaining that boyish charm that makes hearts skip a beat.

Fitted Suit

The first and most important part of dressing like a man is to buy clothes that are made to measure. Clothes off the rail often do not do us justice, either coming up a little short or a little longer – we have all seen the guy whose hands disappear in the sleeve of his jacket. Teenage suit (1)

When clothes fit as they should, your confidence grows and, as this will be your teen’s first time in donning their very own suit, confidence is of the utmost importance. A shirt that fits comfortably, a jacket that allows movement and trousers that neither rubs on the floor or rolls up too high is what you are looking for. None of this ‘you’ll grow into it’ malarkey.

Accessories to Complete the Look

Most teens wear jewellery of some description, but not all are suitable to be worn with such carefully coordinated attire. This is where you can lend a hand, as judging what accessories to where and when is a skill that is mastered over time – even some of the most well-renowned icons of fashions received guidance in their formative years.

Studded earrings are fine depending on the style as some give off more an aura of immaturity than the boyish charm we are looking for. Wristwear is proving to be very popular amongst men at the most and complementing the look with a sophisticated shine will instantly make your boy feel all grown up. Don’t hold back by selecting from a range of men’s bracelets screaming luxury and maturity.

Don’t Overdo the Aftershave

Most teenage boys will have experimented with aftershave, likely ‘borrowed’ from their father’s collection. Before they even think about spraying healthy amounts of a prominent scent to the point that you can smell them before you see them, bring them into line. Teen aftershave

In some cases, you can have too much of a good thing and aftershave is one of them. A little dab adds to the owner’s flawless appearance, while overloading will guarantee no one coming too close to you. This is a common mistake amongst teen boys on their passage of rites to manhood so, to help yours to be more hunk than skunk, put them right.

The Right Shoes

They have the suit, they have the accessories and they have the scent – but what about the shoes? Black trainers and scuffed shoes simply won’t do, they must be the perfect crescendo to the suit. Not only must they look the part, but again like the suit, they also have to be comfortable – after all, there might be a deal of dancing involved.

Internet shopping is all the rage, especially amongst teens that have grown up not knowing anything different, but shoes should never be purchased without trying them on first. Recommend a number of specialist shoe stores, ideally shops that you have used yourself. They probably won’t want you to tag along and picking out shoe after show for them to try on, they are going through a phase in life where they want to be independent and present this in the way they dress.

So, now your baby boy is, well, no longer your baby boy. He has grown into a man and, we are sure, a fine example of a gentleman.

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