Keeping Cool This Summer With 3 Tips

3 Summertime Interior Design Tricks for a Cooler Home

Making your home cool is easy with an AC unit, but it’s also expensive and not very good for the planet. The Guardian cautions against the use of air conditioners due to their huge level of power consumption and therefore a high carbon footprint. Even the more advanced and energy-efficient units available today are quite far from being ‘green’. However, you don’t need to switch on an AC system to enjoy a pleasantly cool room. If you use some interior decorating tricks, you’ll be able to bring the heat level down while enhancing the beauty of your home. 3 Summertime Interior Design Tricks for a Cooler Home

3 Cooling Interior Design Tricks

1.    Go green

In a sense, not using an AC unit will make you ‘go green’ due to the reduction of your home’s carbon footprint. However, you can take it a step further and literally fill the room with greenery. Plants do not only add beauty to the room, but also fill it with oxygen.

This means two important things. First, many plants enhance oxygen circulation, which effectively brings the temperature in the room down a few degrees. The other benefit is that having many houseplants improves your wellbeing (NBC News).

Beautiful greenery also looks stunning in any interior and tending to the plants will give you a fulfilling hobby.

2.    Buy a cool standing fan

A standing (also pedestal or tower) fan requires only about a tenth of the energy, compared to an AC unit. Some models need even less and they will provide you with a pleasant cooling breeze. In addition to this, the fans of today are so beautiful they can serve as decorations. You can find amazing modern, futuristic, retro, and vintage pieces.

When looking for the best standing fan, don’t forget to look up the appliance’s reviews to determine if it’s quiet. You also should check the speed settings and stability of the piece. If it weighs about 13 pounds or less, it might wobble. So, when choosing a standing fan that will cool your house and enhance the interior, pick one with a solid base and heavy enough not to topple easily.

3.    Get colored drapes

Blackout curtains or blinds will be most effective for blocking out the heat. However, they aren’t the most beautiful solutions. If you want to put your interior design first, you should go for colored curtains.

The most important qualities to look for in heat-blocking curtains are close-weave and high thread count of the fabric. You can also choose layered curtains as they will block out the sunlight more effectively and they are available in many colors and designs. The best fabrics to choose are velvet, linen, and silk (both natural and faux).

If the drapes are thick enough, the color won’t matter much. However, as you are making an investment, bear in mind that sunlight will make the fabric fade quite fast. Therefore, it’s best to avoid bright and ‘juicy’ colors.

As you can see, it’s not only an AC unit that can help make your house cooler in the summer. Combining all three of these solutions will produce a great effect, without a huge carbon footprint.

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