Keys to Landscaping — The Scourge of Weeds

Weeds: the lawn’s mortal enemy. No matter what you do to get rid of them, they seem to grow back. Not only that, but they tend to double in size and strength. If not taken care of in a timely manner, they can take over your grass.

Sod Replacement

There are three ways to get rid of these weeds. The first is through some form of chemical treatment. This may kill the weeds for good. However, it might also destroy the rest of your grass and leave large brown swaths of damage.

The second way is through organic treatments. These can work through multiple distributions. However, they cost more than regular sprays and sometimes come in smaller quantities. Thus, your landscaping budget can grow if you have a large piece of property.

The third way is to replace the weed-infested area with a layer of new sod. And not just any old grass. You want to put down sod that is weed resistant.

St. Augustine Grass

An example of this sturdy grass is in a pallet of st augustine. Found in many places across the globe and sold by locations like Liberty Landscape Supply, St. Augustine is a warm weather, dark green grass with wide blades. Because it has a low drought resistance, it does better in more humid climates.

Several different forms of this grass exist. For example, Floratam is resistant to a viral infection known as the St. Augustine Decline (SAD). Florentine has a darker color, requires less mowing, and can withstand the cold. Sir Walter, designed for use in Australia, is resilient to heat and drought.

How is it Weed Resistant

The resistance comes from two places. One is the grass itself as it is checked for any stray weed seedlings prior to distribution. The other is how your property is prepared before the sod is placed. Make sure all areas are tilled to remove the deepest weeds. Treat the bare ground with an organic weed repellent prior to the sod’s installation. Then, relax as you watch your grass grow.
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