Don’t Be a Beauty Blunder: Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Hair Extensions


Ah, hair extensions. They can be tricky, huh? If done right, they can give you that extra volume and length that you’ve always wanted (think Chrissy Teigen and Jennifer Lopez). But if done incorrectly, you can end up turning heads for all the wrong reasons (I’m looking at you, Britney Spears and Victoria Beckham).Dont-Be-a-Beauty-Blunder-Dos-and-Donts-of-Wearing-Hair-Extensions

Managing hair extensions takes an investment of money, time, patience, and knowledge. That’s why we’ve come up with a short guide to make your hair extensions look good and last longer. Read on for dos and don’ts that can keep you from experiencing a hair fail.

  1. DO buy hair extensions from a reliable store

There are thousands of online and physical stores that sell hair extensions. You need to find one that sells a 100% original and high-quality product. Let’s say you are looking for Remy human hair extensions (which, by the way, is what you should invest in because, with proper care and maintenance, they can look good for years). Purchase from a store that has outlined what to do in case of returns, exchanges or refunds, or one that has a money-back guarantee.

  1. DON’T purchase the wrong hair color

You don’t want someone to walk up to you and say, “Yep, this is where your hair ends, and this is where the extensions begin.” Go for a completely natural look. That means you have to choose the color of your hair extensions carefully. Online hair websites like Rubin have gone the extra mile to help you make the right choice. Just take a photo of your hair, send it to the company via WhatsApp, and they will send high-quality human hair extensions that match your real hair.

  1. DO wash before your first wear

Hair extensions straight out of their packaging have a glossy finish to them. It’s not easy to recreate that same shine with your own hair. Do a quick sulfate-free shampoo wash of your hair extensions before you wear them for the first time. Make sure you let them air dry completely before use.DON’T-sleep-with-hair-extensions

  1. DON’T sleep with hair extensions

This applies to temporary extensions like clip-ins and halos. At the end of a long night, the last thing you want to do is get all up in your hair. But just as you have made time to cleanse your face before you sleep (please don’t sleep with the day’s gunk on your face), add a couple of minutes to your routine and take out your hair extensions for the night. For the semi-permanent and permanent hair extensions, do a loose braid or bun before hitting the hay.

  1. DO be gentle when brushing

Hair extensions tend to tangle easier than your natural hair, so brushing regularly during the day is a must. Invest in a brush with natural bristles that are specifically designed to easily glide through hair. A wide-toothed comb is also a good option. Always start from the tips and work your way upwards, being careful not to pull or tug the hair as you go along so as to limit hair breakage.

  1. DO give your hair a trim

Yes, even hair extensions can do with a trim, especially if they have blunt ends. It is advisable to seek out a professional stylist who can give your extensions a dry cut. This helps the hair extensions to better blend with your natural hair.

  1. DON’T go crazy with the heat

Sure, you can blow-dry, curl and flat iron your human hair extensions, but keep it to a minimum. Human hair extensions can get split ends and break, just like your own hair. Reach for the heat protectant first before you go for the curling iron. Keep the heat at around 350 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce the chances of heat damage. Keep the heat away from the base of your extensions as heat can cause some bonds to melt and loosen.

  1. DO visit a professional

YouTube hair tutorials are great. But not everyone can follow them well. Plus you never know how much help the YouTuber has behind the scenes. That’s why we recommend visiting a professional hairstylist when installing or taking down your semi-permanent and permanent hair extensions. If you’ve spent hundreds of dollars to purchase high-quality human hair extensions, then make sure they are installed and removed by an extension professional so that the hair is not unnecessarily damaged.

  1. DON’T wear hair extensions for too long

Just because the hair extensions can be worn for up to 8 weeks before you reinstall them doesn’t mean that you should push it all the way to the 8-week mark. Observe your hair and use your judgment. If the hair tapes or keratin bonds have noticeably slipped away from your hairline, or the hair is starting to look dry, dull and lifeless, then it’s time to book an appointment with your stylist.

  1. DO let your scalp breathe

Every now and then, take a break from the hair extensions and give your scalp and natural hair a chance to recover. Otherwise, you run the risk of developing thinning hair and bald patches at an early age due to the constant strain on your natural hair and scalp.

Final words…

Hair extensions need to be properly maintained, just like your natural hair (and sometimes they need more attention). With lots of TLC, your hair extensions can stay gorgeous and so will you.
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Myths About Hair Extensions
Reasons That People Use Hair Extensions

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Myths About Hair Extensions

What can be more cheerful when you can keep short hair as well as long hair! Wait, what? Yes, hair extension clip-in are used for this purpose. One having short hair can extend its hair using this. Human hair extensions in Melbourne provides us with the best hair extension suggestions and clip-ins. But a lot of them hesitate to use it because they might have heard some negatives about it somewhere. Thus, below stated are the myths related to hair extensions. How_to_blend_extensions_with_thin_hair_before_and_after_1024x1024

Damaged and Broken Hair:

Many people claim that hair extension can make the hair root damaged and result in breaking of hair. Some may also add that it will make your hair thin! But this is totally false as clip-in hair extensions do not pull the hair or exert any stress on hair roots. One must take care that she removes it at the night to avoid any hair break or pressure on the hair scalp. It should be also worn in a proper manner to avoid any damage to the hair. Moreover, permanent hair extensions do cause damage, but in a negligible amount.

Won’t Blend In:

Hair extension will not blend in if and only if you use a wrong set of hair extension for your hair. It is really very important to use the correct hair extension according to the type of hair of an individual. According to specialists, there are three types of set weighing differently: 120 g set is designed for people having thick hair, 160 g set is designed for people having an average amount of hair, and 220 g set is designed for people having a thick and good density of hair. So one has to choose an appropriate set.

Tracks Will be Visible:

Some of them complain that the extension tracks will be visible out of natural hair. This comes when one does not clip it in properly. One must practice well for proper and perfect hair presentation. How to blend clip-in Luxy Hair extensions with thin hair by Luxy Hair will help you to put it properly.

Give You Headaches:

People argue that as an extra amount of weight will be put up on your head, so this will result in headache. But the weight of hair extension is the same as that of natural hair, hence the amount of weight on our head is equal. Even the clips used for this purpose are lightweight and comfortable. Even then if you get a headache, after you are habitual of wearing hair extension, you will get used to it. Also, the clips should be at a little distance from scalp rather than being right at the scalp.

High – Maintenance:

Hair extensions are not so complicated that they need professional salon care. You will have a good hand on it after you get used to it. The clips are also not attached right from the scalp, so hair scalp will also not be oily and hence you need not wash your hair regularly.
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Amazing Beauty Hair Extensions

I was offered to do a review on hair extensions, so I chose some 16″  tape-in extensions and because it turned out they were blonder than my hair I sent them to my daughter to give them a try. Hair extensions are very common today and have improved in quality over the years when I was wearing hair pieces. They come in a variety of lengths, colors, styles, including clip-ins which makes it very easy to put in. Amazing Beauty Hair Extensions offers great customer service, their site is easy to order from and the order came quickly and well packaged.

Right now they are offering a Spring Special of Spend $50 Save $5 Spend $100 Save $10Amazing Beauty Hair Extensions

What I have read is that when using extensions it is important not forget to care for the hair underneath so when you decide to take the extensions out your hair will be in top condition. And this is easy to do as you would care for the extensions the same as you do your own hair. The golden rules of good hair care

• It is suggested when preparing to use extensions that you prepare your hair and if you have been using chemical dyes and hair relaxers that you stop using them.

• It is suggested that if you are experiencing flaky scalp that you use a medicated shampoo containing selenium sulfide or zinc pyrithione can really be of great help. Leave on the hair for 15 minutes then use a good shampoo and conditioner after.

• This hair cleaning process should make your hair to be clean and ready for extensions to be applied.

• Then the care after extensions are applied is to wash your hair on a regular basis and need to gently massage the shampoo on the scalp as you slowly work the shampoo down on the hair weave. As you wash your hair, try to keep your extension hair as straight as possible to prevent any chance of matting or tangling.

• Never forget about your hair below the extension and moisturize and condition it just like you do the extension hair. If you wish to achieve deep conditioning, apply conditioners that are thin because these will reach your scalp easily.Amazing Beauty Hair Extensions Before and After

You can style your hair but it is also suggested that you use a heat protector for hair and you can use a curling iron or the hair roller method, either way, and what is comfortable for you. I have worn hair pieces for years and they can be nice in the summer when you want to pull your hair up to get it off your neck.

Using the hair roller method
The strand by strand curling option

When you buy extensions from Amazing Beauty Hair Extensions they have very informative information on their website to help you learn how to care for your new hair. plus they have customer service you can contact if you have more questions.

And their website has tons of hair care tips for Healthy Hair

This post may contain affiliate links and I might receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.
The extensions are made of natural hair and are very soft and easy to handle. They are very easy to care for
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The Differences between Virgin, Remy, and Non-Remy hair

In an era where human hair is ruling the female’s world, you will constantly come across different names that describe different types of hair and their grades. From a standpoint, human hair can be categorized in so many ways. However, the two most common ways are by the country of the donor and the characteristic of the hair.

When characterizing human hair by the donor’s origin, we end up having Peruvian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair, and the famous Brazilian hair. Women across the world widely love Brazilian human hair .it is easily available and has some of the best qualities and characteristics.

When we categorize human hair by characteristics, we have virgin human hair, Remy human hair, and non-Remy human hair. Since Brazilian human hair is the most famous hair, you will find most of the hair bundles are labeled as virgin Brazilian hair, Brazilian Remy, and Brazilian non-Remy.

For a lot of people, these three terms are very confusing because they hardly know what they mean or represent. However, with proper knowledge, women have learned how to tell apart their Brazilian hair. 

Brazilian Virgin Hair

Whenever the word ‘virgin’ pops us, the first thing that comes to mind is purity. That is the essence of using that word to describe Brazilian hair. This is hair that has never been put through any chemical processes such as perm, bleaching, or dying. The hair has all the natural features, and it is collected from a single donor. Because of its purity, the hair is easier to maintain, lasts longer, and has a breathtaking natural appeal. To harvest the hair, the donor ties the hair in a ponytail, and the hair is cut. The flow of hair is perfect.

Brazilian Remy hair

The term ‘Remy’ is a word that is associated with the characteristics of the hair strands that make an extension. As you know, a strand of real hair has cuticles that cover the shaft.  Naturally, all cuticles run in the same direction. Brazilian Remy hair has all the cuticles running in the same direction making it tangle-free. The hair can be from a single donor such as the Brazilian virgin Remy hair or different donors, and then they blended them.

Remy hair goes through some slight chemical processes t enhance its features or characteristics. For instance, it can be permed or dyed among other things.  The chemical treatments are what make Brazilian Remy different from Virgin Brazilian hair


Since Remy describes a state where all the hair cuticles are intact and flowing in the same direction, it goes to say that Non-Remy is the opposite of this. Typically, non-Remy hair its cuticles running in opposite directions and that is why they tangle. The problem arises from the way they are collected. The hair strands are collected from the floors of salons, brushes, and temples to some extent. While aligning the strands, you can never tell which side was the tip and which was the end. Eventually, some strands will be opposite of others, and the cuticles will flow in different directions. Things become worse because some companies eliminate the cuticles and coat the hair with silicon to make it feel softer and silkier.  The lack of cuticles or cuticles that flow in opposite directions is what makes Brazilian non-Remy different from Brazilian Remy.

Brazilian human hair is always an excellent choice. Regardless of whether you choose Brazilian virgin, Brazilian Remy, or Brazilian non-Remy, you will always be sure that you are getting human hair. Even so, quality is essential and because of that, Brazilian virgin hair stands out from the three.
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