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I was offered to do a review on hair extensions, so I chose some 16″  tape-in extensions and because it turned out they were blonder than my hair I sent them to my daughter to give them a try. Hair extensions are very common today and have improved in quality over the years when I was wearing hair pieces. They come in a variety of lengths, colors, styles, including clip-ins which makes it very easy to put in. Amazing Beauty Hair Extensions offers great customer service, their site is easy to order from and the order came quickly and well packaged.

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What I have read is that when using extensions it is important not forget to care for the hair underneath so when you decide to take the extensions out your hair will be in top condition. And this is easy to do as you would care for the extensions the same as you do your own hair. The golden rules of good hair care

• It is suggested when preparing to use extensions that you prepare your hair and if you have been using chemical dyes and hair relaxers that you stop using them.

• It is suggested that if you are experiencing flaky scalp that you use a medicated shampoo containing selenium sulfide or zinc pyrithione can really be of great help. Leave on the hair for 15 minutes then use a good shampoo and conditioner after.

• This hair cleaning process should make your hair to be clean and ready for extensions to be applied.

• Then the care after extensions are applied is to wash your hair on a regular basis and need to gently massage the shampoo on the scalp as you slowly work the shampoo down on the hair weave. As you wash your hair, try to keep your extension hair as straight as possible to prevent any chance of matting or tangling.

• Never forget about your hair below the extension and moisturize and condition it just like you do the extension hair. If you wish to achieve deep conditioning, apply conditioners that are thin because these will reach your scalp easily.Amazing Beauty Hair Extensions Before and After

You can style your hair but it is also suggested that you use a heat protector for hair and you can use a curling iron or the hair roller method, either way, and what is comfortable for you. I have worn hair pieces for years and they can be nice in the summer when you want to pull your hair up to get it off your neck.

Using the hair roller method
The strand by strand curling option

When you buy extensions from Amazing Beauty Hair Extensions they have very informative information on their website to help you learn how to care for your new hair. plus they have customer service you can contact if you have more questions.

And their website has tons of hair care tips for Healthy Hair

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The extensions are made of natural hair and are very soft and easy to handle. They are very easy to care for
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