Top 5 Things You’ll Learn from Dating a Single Parent

Top-5-Things-Youll-Learn-from-Dating-a-Single-ParentSingle parents are a special breed of people with superpowers that transcend far beyond what mere mortals consider physically possible. Dating them will show you that you too are pretty special regardless of the fact there is lots of room for improvement, such as with your overall managerial skills. Whether you’re looking to meet single parents online or there is already someone in your life that you see yourself with, read on to find out about the top 5 things you’ll learn from dating a parent who is raising kids on his or her own.

#1: You’ll Learn to Prioritize

Single parents can prioritize better than your CEO. Their time is limited, it belongs to someone else, and they may or may not have help, which means most of them to rely on themselves to get through the day. They’re facing potential crisis situations pretty much 24/7, and have to do their best to prevent problems. Between making meals, giving baths, dropping their kids off and picking them up, and spending some quality time with them, a single parent can make the right decision when faced with a dilemma in a split second. The more time you spend with them, the more you’ll learn about prioritizing and recognizing which tasks require your immediate attention, and which ones can be put off until later.

#2: You’ll Improve Your Time Management Skills

A hectic day at the office is like a regular half-hour in the life of a single parent. They have to manage their time down to the very nanosecond to be able to get everything done. Single parents do this by always putting someone else’s needs first, and they have nobody to share the responsibility with. Anyone who’s ever had to take care of a child by themselves knows that the one thing you can’t explain to yourself is what did I spend all my time on before I had a kid? Is it possible I was so inefficient? Yes, it’s possible. Nobody knows efficiency better than a single parent. If you’re wondering how they could ever find any time to date, the answer is this: they can’t. They make it the time provided you’re super special.

#3: You’ll Learn What You’re Super Special

Single parent dating literally does wonders for your self-confidence. When you know the insane schedule of a single parent, all the things they have to do in a day’s time, and all the responsibility their every decision brings with it, you can’t help but think they’d be crazy to waste their time on such a petty thing as dating. However, the fact that they want to make room for you in their busy lives, and spend time with you instead of napping, getting some shut-eye or dozing off means you must be pretty freaking special. Just keep doing what you’re doing and stay true to yourself, and the single parent who’s elected to date you will be genuinely happy next to you.

#4: You’ll Find New Respect For Your Parents

If you don’t have kids yourself and don’t know the struggle of raising a family first-hand, you’ll have front-row seats to it if you date a single parent. Most parents try to hide this struggle from their children because it’s not the children’s fault so they grow up not knowing what it really took to raise them. If your parents managed to do this with you, you’ll find new respect for them and everything that they did.

#5: You’ll Learn to Date Responsibly

Notwithstanding the fact that dating parents is extremely rewarding, single parents go through a tough time raising kids on their own and trying to have a social or romantic life. That’s why if a single parent likes you, only date them if you think you’re up for the task. Dating a busy person with a ton of responsibilities takes a lot of maturity, and if you don’t think the two of you are on the same page when it comes to expectations, don’t waste their time. Dating is supposed to be a filter, not an additional burden, and a single parent simply doesn’t have time for you to make up your mind whether you like them or not, and whether you want the same things.
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