Have a Trampoline-Cool Trampoline Tricks List

Top Trampoline Tricks to Spice Things Up

Trampolines are great fun for people of many abilities and age groups. They’re perfect for a summer’s day, and can be enjoyed by the whole family. If you’re thinking of ramping up the intensity or are fed up with regular bouncing, why not spice things up with some tricks? Have a Trampoline-Cool Trampoline Tricks List

To help you oen route to mastering top level skills, this article has collected tricks that will inspire you to achieve greatness. If you get a thirst for the dramatic and want to learn more, you can find a cool trampoline tricks list online and also consult reviews, buying guides, and links to purchasing trampolines. 

Tuck Jumps
Tuck jumps are relatively straight forward, but to become a master you have to get a firm grip of the fundamentals. To tuck jump effectively, bring your knees up towards your chest while in mid air, and tightly hold them with your hands as you land. Mastering this simple move means you can proceed with more challenging exploits.

Front Flip
A front flip is exhilarating, and conventionally a trampoline is the best place to learn this incredible skill, due to the airtime you can achieve. Though it’s an unnatural move, executing a front flip isn’t as difficult as it seems. Begin by taking a good jump into the air, then tuck your legs inwards and pushing yourself forward. Admittedly, it seems easier in writing, but there are various tutorials online to assist with the process. Once you can perform a front flip, you’ll feel on top of the world, and if you do this efficiently, the execution of other tricks won’t seem as difficult.

Back Flip
This trick is basically the same as a front flip. Take a good jump, tuck your legs in, and instead of pushing yourself forward, push yourself backward to execute a backflip. Again, it seems easy in writing, but it will take practice to make perfect. Make sure you land on your feet for a successful back flip.

Side Flip
This is trickier than front and back flips, so it’s advisable to only carry this out once you’ve become a pro at the previous two. Similarly, you should take a good jump into the air, before tucking your legs in and flipping yourself to the left or right. This will help you achieve lateral movement, and you’ll feel like a gymnast suspended in mid air!

Back Drop
This is a simple trick to perform, and is also known as the trust fall. If you’re a beginner you might be hesitant to fall backwards and hit the trampoline, but rest assured this is a safe maneuver. Fall on your back and let the trampoline do the rest, trusting the canvas as your friend.

Knee Drop
This is a fun trick to perform if you’re a beginner and can be executed with confidence. Jump as high as you can, and attempt to land on your knees. Though you won’t be propelled as high when you hit the canvas, remember to position your knees in a way so it doesn’t hurt on impact.

Spin Move
Carrying out multiple spins is a real trick. Though everyone can achieve a single spin, people who can spin multiple times are masters of the jump. This takes practice, but try spinning multiple times while keeping track of where you’re landing.


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