What to Expect from an Ideal International Shipping Company?

4-Tips-before-Shipping-and-What-to-Expect-from-an-International-Shipping-CompanyAre you planning to ship something from the U.S to a European country? Perhaps you are a bit anxious, especially if it’s your first time to use shipping services to the country. Besides, maybe you have numerous companies in mind, and you aren’t sure which to settle on eventually. One thing that you need to bear in mind as you try to make the best decision on this issue is that shipping companies differ in various aspects. However, there are numerous fundamentals that an ideal international shipping company should have or be able to provide to their customer. They include:

  1. Experience

There are many companies dealing with the shipment of goods from the U.S to Europe. Some of them are startups, while others have been in the industry for years. While we are not insinuating that all startups aren’t worth a try, the safest and best option is to deal with an experienced company. Particularly, ensure that the company has experience in shipping the type of load that you want to be transported.

 Some freight forwarding companies focus on shipping particular goods, say medicine, cars, medical equipment or perishable agriculture produce. So, if you want to ship a car, confirm from the company if they have prior experience in dealing with such freights. If they don’t, you need to move on to the next company until you get your perfect match. When you are dealing with a freight forwarder that’s experienced in handling cargos like yours, you rest assured that your freight or parcel will reach the intended destination on time and in good shape.

  1. Ability to deliver to any European country

If you are regularly sending consignments to different European countries, the best company to count on is that which can deliver your goods to any of the countries. Whether you want to send goods to the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland or Netherlands, the company should be able to get your good to the destination.

Contact your prospective shipping company and enquire about all the European destinations they can deliver your parcel or cargo before engaging them further. It’s important to have a go-to company that you can count on for all your deliveries to Europe. On the other hand, the company should be a prudent and responsible intermediary between you (the shipper) and the different transportation services that will be handling your goods until they reach the final destination.

As such, the freight forwarder ought to have strong relationships with air transport service providers and trucking companies, ocean liners as well as rail freighters both in the U.S and Europe. Besides facilitating the smooth movement of your goods, a shipping company with such robust connections will be able to negotiate the best shipping prices for you with the transport service providers. 

3.      Packaging and Packing

It is the responsibility of your shipping company to ensure that your goods are well packed and packaged for safe arrival at the intended destination. There are various types of packing components that come in different sizes, materials as well as shapes. An ideal shipping company should advise you on the best packaging materials to use for your goods, upon assessing them. This is where the experience of a company, once again, comes in handy.

It’s important to bear in mind that some shipments such as medicines should follow certain packing and shipping guidelines. So, if you are dealing with such products, an ideal shipping company should be able to advise you on the relevant packing requirements and help you to fulfill them.

4.      Prompt Shipment Delivery

The best international shipping company should also be able to pick up and deliver your goods to the intended final destination on time. Unless you have previous experience with it, it might not be easy for you to know if your prospective shipping company will do this. In such a case, it’s important that you check their customer reviews and testimonials to assess their probability of making a timely delivery.

Take time and gather as much information as you can while choosing an international freight forwarding company to ensure that you settle on the best. Make sure that the company you finally choose is well experienced, has good local and international transport networks, can help you with packaging and will deliver your consignment on time. These are the minimum expectations you should have from an ideal international shipping company. https://www.cratersandfreightersswflorida.com/our-services/shipping-services/international-moving-relocation/shipping-to-europe/
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