Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday

   Welcome to A Wonderful Wednesday Linky Party#196!! We always get a head start each week and our Co-Hosts make the choices from the previous week’s linkup!  And it is so hard to choose each week, thankfully I have Co-Hosts that help me make those decisions!! And now we are ready for you to share with us your blog, plus […]



Don’t Be a Beauty Blunder: Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Hair Extensions

Ah, hair extensions. They can be tricky, huh? If done right, they can give you that extra volume and length that you’ve always wanted (think Chrissy Teigen and Jennifer Lopez). But if done incorrectly, you can end up turning heads for all the wrong reasons (I’m looking at you, Britney Spears and Victoria Beckham). Managing hair extensions takes an investment […]


Consider a Home-Based Job as You Approach Retirement   Recently updated !

Just because you’re about to retire doesn’t mean you won’t be productive anymore. You can still do a lot of things that will help you feel useful after retirement. You can also earn money and not worry about financial issues. Even if you’re earning a pension and you saved enough retirement funds, you still need to consider earning additional income. […]



Using Liquor Bottles For Gorgeous Decanters

So I was reading an interesting article the other day and about glass containers and I decided to look into it because we have so many different glass vessels that are used in so many different ways, think about it. They’re probably all over your house I know they are in my house, including ones used for crafts, we paint […]


Organize It 2020 Giveaway   Recently updated !

It’s giveaway time at Katherines Corner and I’m co-hosting! I am pleased once again to bring you fun Giveaway from Katherines Corner I would love to have you Enter for a chance to win a makeup organizer and makeup brushes too Please remember to subscribe and follow Katherine, her sponsor and all of her hostesses so you can earn all […]



Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings And Eternity Rings: How To Wear Them   Recently updated !

When it comes to all the rings available on the market for different points in your relationship, things can get a little confusing. There are several special occasions in marriage at various points but when it comes down to it, the rules are very simple. Are you thinking of popping the question soon or maybe you are after that super […]


Find Related Images with Reverse Image Search!

If you are not familiar with the concept of reverse image search, then you should probably know that this is a very unique and cool one! Once you start using the reverse image search tools, you will surely get obsessed with them! Although this concept was introduced a couple of years ago, it is still new and fresh in the […]


Friday Features Linky Party 13 comments   Recently updated !

We had an awesome party last week and there were so many linked up I wanted to share them all but you know, I cant but I chose some great blogs to highlight and share and I hope you enjoy them! So not to miss them check out ~» Last Weeks Party Here I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!💖  […]


Here’s What No One Tells You About Colonic Irrigation

Colonic irrigation, also known as colonic hydrotherapy or colonic lavage, is a process of cleansing the large intestine by gently filling and flushing sterile water. It removes recently built up wastes, toxins, and gases. Despite being popular, there’s a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding colonic irrigation which can put one on the fence about getting this treatment. However, you […]



Quick Guide to Natural Hair Care

As more people become self-aware about their roles in protecting the environment, the demand for organic products has grown. You can see it in food, skincare, fashion, and even construction, with all the green condos and buildings. The same is also valid with hair care. Consumers now reject synthetic and harsh chemicals on their shampoos and conditioners and prefer natural […]