How to Clean Doors and Windows Like A Pro

Have you ever spent a lot of time cleaning doors and windows, only to realize a misty look after drying? Well, that feeling is draining. That effect is caused by cleaning the window the wrong way. However, you do not have to hire a professional to clean them for you just because you could not do it right. Here at […]



Wall Street and the Gig Economy

The past few years have seen a major rise in a new industry: the gig economy. People are empowered to be self-employed with easy access to jobs like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and Postmates, providing an opportunity to work for yourself and create your own schedule. This is an appealing prospect for many Americans who face hurdles when trying to access […]


Ways to Get Help after a Truck Accident

Have you been involved in a collision with a truck? If so, are you badly injured? And, is your motor vehicle totaled? Therefore, the question that begs is, what recourse do you have in the event that the accident is not your fault? By way of answering this question, let’s consider the following points: Road accident statistics Road accidents are […]



Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday 6 comments

Whew this has been a whirlwind week, I have started sewing again. I found a group on Facebook that started making masks locally and it turned into a nationwide project. I have been making masks to donate to several groups. There are thousands needed still not just for health care workers, but organizations like the Walker River PIAUTE Reservation, to […]


How To Plan the Perfect Family Vacation 

Image Credit: Pixabay There’s little in the world that’s more relaxing than going on vacation and getting away from the stresses of everyday life. However, despite how relaxing the actual vacation may be, planning the vacation out may be a huge source of anxiety. The problem is further magnified if you’re planning for an entire family, as many new facets […]



5 Ways to Elevate Your Energy and Boost Your Wellbeing

With so many responsibilities on your plate, be it your work obligations, family duties, or just those everyday chores, it’s not so surprising to feel drained and exhausted, perhaps even burnt out. The mere pressure of modern life and all it brings can be stressful, since we’re surrounded by constant noise and everything happens at a fast pace that only […]


Summer Cash Giveaway

Please remember to subscribe and follow Katherine, her sponsor, and all her hostesses so you can earn all your entry opportunities. Katherine – Katherines Corner Laura- Everyday Edits Lisa-Casa Bouquet Alexandra- Eye Love Knots Lisa- Blogghetti JT Wisdom- Bubbling with Elegance and Grace Karren- Oh My Heartsie Girl Diane- Mamal Diane To enter please log into the entry form using […]



Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday 10 comments

My dad was a WWII veteran and I would like to take a moment to Thank and Remember all our fallen soldiers of Military, there have been countless lives lost in the pursuit of keeping America safe at home. God Rest their souls! I just wanted to let you know our party will be running from Monday through Sunday, so […]


4 Ways Flowers Can Help With Mental Health 2 comments

florist at Ivanhoe Florist Ivanhoe   Flowers are a mood booster, and we all know the kind of impact it can have on people. They can bring a smile on a sad face and can light your mood up on special occasions. They can also change the complexion of your surroundings as adding some flowers in your room can make […]



Blogging Identity : Expectations vs. Reality

With so many writers out there, it is no surprise that there are millions of blogs available online. Blogging can be fun and will get you the exposure you are looking for. There are people who choose to hide their identities in anonymous blogs. While they have their benefits, not all bloggers need to have anonymous blogs. Here are some […]