Prepare Yourself And Your Home For Aging Before Hiring A Home Healthcare Agency

It is a natural biological phenomenon that your body will change as you grow old. You will not be able to do things that you could do easily or took it for granted at your young age. Now, since your old and your physical strength will not support such activities anymore. You will not be able to drive in the […]


Minor Improvement For a MAssive Difference-Twitter

Minor Home Improvements For A Massive Difference   Recently updated !

If you are in the market for purchasing your very first home, you may have already realized that opting for a smaller property would be a realistic solution, or you may have considered the affordability of homes that need some TLC. Before purchasing, you should ensure that you are definitely getting the best mortgage deal. A fantastic way to determine […]


High-Tech Hosting – 4 Ways Technology Can Take The Stress Out Of Airbnb Hosting

Wireless Image by Link Hoang on unsplash So, you’ve decided to take the leap and list your home on Airbnb. The extra income is going to be wonderful, and as a bonus, a top host rating boosts your chances of scoring any places you want to be a guest in. However, the stress that comes with welcoming strangers into your […]

High-Tech Hosting - 4 Ways Technology Can Take The Stress Out Of Airbnb Hosting

Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday   Recently updated !

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday!! We always get a head start each week and our Co-Hosts and I choose from the previous week’s links from 8 blogs on week #173!! I am sure that you will find it both fun and interesting to meet and make friends with our Co-Hostesses and Bloggers through our party and we appreciate your visit today! […]


5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs to Transition from Summer to Fall

When the long summer days come to an end and the weather starts to cool off, but it still isn’t quite cold enough for your favorite chunky sweater, it’s nice to have functional items that can easily transition between your summer and fall wardrobes. The answer to dressing effortlessly at the beginning of fall is to invest in a few […]

Dressing effortlessly with 5 wardrobe essentials from summer to fall

Autumn Style Giveaway sidebar

Autumn Style Giveaway from Katherines Corner Ends Oct 19th   Recently updated !

I am joining 6 lovely ladies to bring you Autumn Style Giveaway from Katherines Corner You could win a $75.00 H&M GC Please remember to follow Katherine, the sponsor, and all her hostesses so you can earn all of your entry opportunities. • Katherine / Katherines Corner • Lisa / Casa Bouquet • Nina / Vintage Mamas Cottage • Karren […]


How To Turn Your Home a Little Greener

How many outlets do you have in your home that have some sort of appliances plugged, like a charge for a phone or a toaster your dont use very often, how about VCR’s or CD players that aren’t used but forgotten about? What about the computer or just the battery chargers or printers, did you know that they all pull […]

Going green means being ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles and sustain our natural resources for our kids and future generations

Be a World Traveler 7 Must-Know Secrets for Flying Internationally (1)

7 Awesome Things to Do in Upstate New York

Did you know that over 240 million people from around the world traveled to New York in 2017? Many of these people more than likely visited New York City, for all of the tourist attractions and culture, but there is much more to see in this state besides the “Big Apple”. Instead of being stuck in a large group of people wandering […]


Be a World Traveler: 7 Must-Know Secrets for Flying Internationally   Recently updated !

Flying internationally can be frightening, particularly if you’ve never done it before. Most people ask themselves, am I in the right place? Do I have the right amount of money on me? Is this the real cost of things? If you’re a nervous traveler, you can probably relate. But fear no more, here are seven top tips to help you […]

Be a World Traveler 7 Must-Know Secrets for Flying Internationally

Early Retirement will take some planning

Retire Young – 3 Steps You Can Take Today To Set Yourself Up For Early Retirement   Recently updated !

Photo by Ana Francisconi from Pexels If you’re reading this article, you’ve woken up to the fact that trading the majority of your waking hours for money isn’t as fulfilling as the company you’re working for would have you believe. When you add up all the time you dedicate to work, including your commute, meal prepping, and the fact that […]