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Welcome To #OMHGFF Where This Weeks Features have been chosen and featured in Post with lots of 4th of July Ideas, Inspiration and Recipes!! I love the element of surprise!! Hope You Will Enjoy!! I also host a Wordless Wednesday? Hope you will stop by next week “Wonderful Wednesday“ Our Party fills up with great recipes, reviews , crafts, home decor, fashion […]

Welcome To Friday Features as We Look Forward To The 4th of July Celebration

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10 Tried And Tested Remedies To Prevent Pests In Your Garden

10 Tried And Tested Remedies To Prevent Pests In Your Garden Like many gardening enthusiasts, I’ve started to grow the vegetables I consume daily. Unfortunately like most of them, I was subject to pest infestation. Many of my friends suggested using chemicals. But, the whole point of growing my own vegetables was to avoid consuming the toxic chemicals that are […]


A Review Guide For First Time Buyers Of A Meat Injector

 A Review Guide For First Time Buyers Of Meat Injector Do you like cooking and how often have you cooked a roast turkey, grilled chicken or a BBQ steak to find it flavourless or dry. Are you frustrating right? A meat injector pumps wine, marinade, brine, spicy and anything you want to insert directly into the food or a meat […]


American FLag-The Red White and BLue

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 “Welcome to The 27th Week of The Oh My Heartsie Girls “Wonderful” Wednesday’s Linky Party If You Would Like To Join Us as a Hostess During The Month of July ⇒ ⌊ Read More—Or Signup ⌋ What Our Hostesses Have Been Up To On Their Blogs We Hope While You Party With Us, You will follow our Hostesses! ♥ Karren Haller | Oh My […]


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As we move into the 241st 4th Of July in 2016. And keeping in mind all that is going on in the USA this year with the political craziness, the unrest that we feel we can still be proud to live in America and to celebrate. That our US Congress declared the thirteen American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation, the […]

All Patriotic Features In Slideshow PAge 14 Wordless Wednesday-Oh My Heartsie Girl

Limousine Service for a Fun Outing

The Luxury of Chauffeur Driven Transport

The Luxury of Chauffeur Driven Transport Driving can be a pleasure, yet there are times when it isn’t enjoyable, such as when there are pressing work issues to attend to. It could be that business meeting or perhaps essential preparation for a sales presentation. It’s times like these when it’s good to know that there are companies that specialise in […]