Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday   Recently updated !

Welcome to our 4th of July party, full of ideas and recipes, just in time to celebrate the 4th of July, the most patriotic celebration we have each year!! I hope all our kids know the reason we celebrate the 4th of July, it was the day We became America, the greatest country in the world, or at least I […]



How You Can Save Money by Installing RTA Kitchen Cabinets    Recently updated !

Most people care about how much money they spend to remodel their kitchen. After all, a new kitchen can cost a pretty penny and if you are on a tight budget, you want kitchen cabinets that are cost-effective, yet gorgeous. While cabinets made from exotic woods featuring ornate details can hit your pocket boos, you can get high-quality design, material […]


Finding Out The Reasons Behind Your Dog And Their Unusual Panting   Recently updated !

I love dogs, always have, all sizes, shapes, colors it doesn’t matter, their little faces melt my heart. My son has this same passion and asks anyone we see on the street with a dog if he can touch or stroke them, let’s just say we have to leave the house a half an hour earlier for this specific reason, […]



What Are The Benefits Of CBD Capsules?

Since its legalization, CBD has been thriving. The number of people who use it has increased dramatically. When it was illegal, people misjudged marijuana because it was against the law. Most older adults weren’t even willing to listen to a rational conversation about it. But, ever since it became legal, the entire landscape has changed. Now, most of the people […]


Romantic Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary   Recently updated !

If you’ve got an anniversary around the corner, you may be looking for an exciting way to celebrate this milestone. Each anniversary should be a true celebration because it means the commitment you made still stands. Thankfully, according to the New York Times, the divorce rate is actually down. Nonetheless, every anniversary is a great accomplishment and should be commemorated […]

Oh My Heartsie GIrls Weekly Linky Party For All Blogs To Share Their Latest Posts

Oh My Heartsie GIrls Weekly Linky Party For All Blogs To Share Their Latest Posts

Tips for Being a ‘Cool’ Mom Even in the Summer Heat

There’s nothing like the summer heat that wilts everything from your hair to your energy, especially when you’re a mom doing double duty keeping yourself and the baby cool. Not only do you want to stay cool, you also want to look cool while doing it. In this article, you’ll find a few tips for staying cool, looking cool, and keeping you […]


Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday 12 comments   Recently updated !

Hello everyone, I hope this finds you all doing well and finding some peace and enjoyment with our what will be a short summer! Have you noticed, they are sneaking in Christmas in the stores, gees. Well on my home front I am forging ahead with sewing maks for charity, dropping off another 100 today and they are so kind […]



Strappy Heels Or Flip-Flops- Right Footwear For Right Occasion

When you intend to dress to impress, it isn’t just about wearing a perfect outfit that drapes your form effortlessly and feels comfortable. You need to think about the whole ensemble, right from top to bottom. So your footwear deserves as much attention as your attire, jewelry, and other accessories. Is there a proven formula for choosing the perfect footwear […]


Get Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage can take place due to multiple reasons. It could be caused by sewage a pipe burst, sewage backup, or even a natural disaster like a storm or flood. When any water damage happens, you spend a significant amount of time, effort and money on fixing it. Water can also damage carpets & the underlay deteriorates at a rapid […]



5 Great Summer Things to Do in the Outdoors

Summer is here, which means it’s time to get out your backpack, hiking boots and tent and head to your favorite outdoor spot. With only a few months of spectacular weather to cram in all your fun summer activities, it’s never too early to start planning what you want to do or where you want to go. Here are five […]