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Backyard Dreaming Find yourself having your morning coffee in your kitchen, peering out over your backyard, dreaming of a nice deck with beautiful landscaping? Wishing for the days of spring, summer, and fall with friends over grilling out and enjoying the fresh air? Let’s work towards making these dreams a reality. Life is short, and we are certain that we […]

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9 Mulching Materials for Fall Gardening In my many years of gardening, I’ve grown crops with and without applying mulch – honestly the difference is clear. For those of us just starting a garden or not too rooted in its practices, we’ll begin by understanding what mulching is all about. Mulching is the process of using material(s) to form a […]

9 Mulching Materials for Fall Gardening   Recently updated !

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10 Tried And Tested Remedies To Prevent Pests In Your Garden Like many gardening enthusiasts, I’ve started to grow the vegetables I consume daily. Unfortunately like most of them, I was subject to pest infestation. Many of my friends suggested using chemicals. But, the whole point of growing my own vegetables was to avoid consuming the toxic chemicals that are […]

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Organic Chemical Free Gardening Every year, thousand of chemicals are poured into the environment and millions of gallons of water are needlessly wasted. How? By growing plants. Sure, most of this is done by large agricultural producers, but some of it is still done in personal gardens. And that means that you can make a difference by changing your gardening […]

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Growing Plants With Kids Can Be Rewarding Ok so I was thinking after my article about container gardening here that I would mention its not limited to moms and dads for bigger gardens, but get the kids involved. So you want to grow a garden with your kids, but you don’t have a yard to do it in. That means you will […]

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Plants for Your Container Garden Most people choose to grow edible plants in their container gardens, because they don’t think of flowers or houseplants as being the same thing as container gardening. While it is the same basic principle, it’s not generally classified the same way. Most people just think the term container gardening refers to growing edible plants, so that’s […]

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Gardening Is The Best Way to Grow Plants However…… For some of you and depending on where you live, you might just be getting spring. Where I am, I live in the desert and that presents some problems, dry air, hot temps, little rain if any and poor soils all contribute to growing homegrown vegetables to enjoy a difficult task. […]

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