5 Great Reasons to Build a Pergola in Your Home

5-Great-Reasons-to-Build-a-Pergola-in-Your-HomeAre you finding your home a bit plain, especially when it comes to its surrounding outdoor area? Or perhaps you’ve got a large empty backyard that’s just begging to be filled, but you’re looking to do it in an understated yet elegant manner? If so, then you may want to consider having a pergola built on your property. With many advantages it has and the popularity of outdoor living, building a pergola will help you increase the value of your property, McGuire Property Management & Sales points out.

A pergola is really just a simple metal or wooden structure that consists of pillars and horizontal roof beams, the latter being laid out to form an overhead grid or a series of rows. This overhead element can be left as is, or it can also be covered with a protective canopy or a lattice framework, upon which creeping vines can be trained. When fully grown, these vines can provide shade to the amenities beneath the pergola.

As pergolas have no walls or partitions, they possess an open design that can really bring out the beauty of outdoor living space. Indeed, Melbourne pergolas have become more popular in recent years as homeowners continue to find ways to make their yards more appealing. You, too, can take advantage of the aesthetic and functional benefits that a pergola can give your home. Here’s a quick summary of them.

It provides shade from the hot Australian sun

If you’re finding the weather to be a bit too sunny outside that it’s preventing you from properly appreciating your yard or hosting some guests in your outdoor deck, then a pergola could be the solution you’re looking for. Despite its open and roof-less construction, a pergola can give you protection from the elements with the convenient addition of an optional tarp or canopy. Simply unfurl the canopy on the roof beams, and you’ll have all the shade you need to survive the hot Australian weather in comfort and style.

If you want your shade to be a bit more decorative, then all you need to do is to grow flowering vines on your pergola. Place a lattice framework on the overhead grid or beams, and train the vines to grow all over it. In time, they’ll create a protective canopy that’s not only all-natural but also adds a bit of classic elegance to your backyard’s overall look.

It gives definition and purpose to an otherwise drab part of your yard

Installing a pergola in a specific area in your backyard will give that space the definition it needs to stand out, while still making that area appear to be in harmony with the rest of your yard. You can then furnish that space with more elements to make its purpose more obvious. These amenities can include lounging chairs, a dining table, or a BBQ spit and grill for your very own outdoor barbecue setup. The possibilities are endless, so long as you’ve got a pergola to start things off with.

It adds versatility to your garden

If you’ve converted your backyard into a space full of colourful flowers and lush greenery, then a pergola is a wonderful way to add some versatility to your home garden. For one, you can use the overhead beams as a space to hang potted plants from for a refreshing, hanging garden look. You can also introduce crawling plants and blossoms to the pergola and allow them to grow around and up the structure. This will create a natural roof for your pergola that will shield you from the elements, as well as add a bit of old-world romance to your outdoor garden.

It enhances any outdoor fixtures you may already have

The pergola’s open nature allows it to be a great accompanying fixture to anything you may have already installed in your backyard. For example, it can serve as a lead-in or sheltered passageway for your gazebo, or as a designated lounging and sunbathing area that’s right beside your outdoor pool. It’s very versatile on its own, but a pergola also works well when combined with other architectural or decorative elements.

It helps give your outdoor space some privacy

Finally, building a pergola is also a way to afford yourself some measure of privacy in your own backyard. Besides the optional canopy, you can also hang drapes around the pergola, or surround it with tall plants to create a discreet yet subtle screen between yourself and the world without. This will help keep your nosy neighbors from peering into your business.

A pergola may seem too barebones as an outdoor-enhancing structure, but its quaint simplicity and utilitarian functionality actually make it very versatile. Have one installed today, and enjoy the convenience and style that a pergola can afford your home.
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