What To Consider When Preparing For Your Children's Future
How to Prepare for Your Children’s Future  It is never too early, or too late, to start getting things ready for your children’s futures. There are a number of different things you can do, in fact you’re probably already doing several of them without even thinking about it. The biggest mistake many parents make in preparing for their children’s futures is in […]

Learn How To Prepare For Your Children’s Future

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How technology has created addiction for our children  Technology is ubiquitous. One cannot go anywhere without being confronted by technology in some form. Technology has made advances for many professions from medicine to education. Social media has connected individuals with one another, so much so, that people living thousands of miles apart can connect at any time of the day. […]

Are Our Children Addicted To Technology-How It Effects Kids

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Activities to Help Early Learning in Toddlers   A child’s brain is most receptive during the first three years of life and early learning can have a fundamental impact on future growth, health and happiness. Experts believe that social and learning experiences during these formative stages help to shape the brain’s architecture and provide a foundation for future development and […]

Moms Resources: Tools And Guidence When Teaching Toddlers

All Work and No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy Is True: The Negatives of Too Much Homework
As adults, when we recall our childhood, it is filled with stories of climbing trees, playing hide and seek, riding a bike, having kitty parties or going to a house party with your friends. We don’t ever recall complaining about how much homework we have to do, do we? Well, today’s kids do! And they aren’t the ones to blame. […]

Parenting: As A Parent What Are The Drawbacks Of To ...   Recently updated !

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How to Handle Cyberbullying Simply said, cyberbullying is the use of technology to bully, harass, threaten, embarrass, humiliate or target another person. It can include texting, instant messaging, or emailing and can be found on online forums, chat rooms and social media. Unlike other forms of bullying, cyberbullying doesn’t require face-to-face contact so coping with it can be very difficult. […]

How to Handle Cyberbullying