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Something Old is Something NewWelcome to all bloggers that want to boost your blogs by getting out old posts/stories shared again. Everyone seems to be enjoying the opportunity to share those dust posts that your blog has archived, gone off the screen buried unless you clean them up, refresh with new text, new message and new pictures and banners.  Then they’re ready for sharing on our “Something Old Is Something New” Linkup!

By resharing old blog posts, a seasoned blog post can generate organic traffic. And chances are if a new blogger happens to stumble on your blog they haven’t seen the other 99% of your content. According to Neil Patel, it makes sense to make the most out of a “seasoned post“. But don’t take my word for it, read here Bring Old Blog Posts Back to Life: 5 Strategies that Work So with that let’s get busy and share those “OLD” posts. This week I have put them in order of the oldest starting back in 2017.

Bloggers are some of the most creative, imaginative and talented women and sometimes men. Whether you bake, sew, create crafts, recycle, upcycle or make home improvements, renovations, write about blogging, saving money, health, dieting,  how you built a business, or sharing an idea from an old post, this is going to be a great way to share those buried stories, archived stories!!

I love helping bloggers and promoting them, that’s why I came up with this event. I hope you will support the event each week, signup for early notifications and other upcoming announcements!

Time to get ready! For Something Old is Something NewNow I’m here to help you reinvigorate your blogs and help your SEO.

But if you are new this week or missed my first post about this event, check it out, I have added updates, tips and hints on what we are about to accomplish here, if you did not read the Announcement there are lots of tips to get started.

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I hope that you will enjoy this new event,  as this week I am featuring a few blogs that followed the rules.
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Oh My Heartsie Girl Double Small Space WIth a Color Scheme 9-2016 Oh My Heartsie Girl //Double Small Space With a Color Scheme 9-2016
Love My Little Cottage Collection of Vintage Cookbooks 5-2018Love My Little Cottage //Collection of Vintage Cookbooks 5-2018 3 Winks Design Big Batch Sprouted Wheat Bread3 Winks Design // Big Batch Sprouted Wheat Bread 2/2017 Curly Crafty Mom 2 Ingredient Easter Slime 3-2017Curly Crafty Mom //2 Ingredient Easter Slime 3-2017 A Day of Small Things Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake 9-2017A Day of Small Things //Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake 9-2017 Vanity and Me Style Tanning Made Easy With Doves Visible Glow 6-2018Vanity and Me Style //Tanning Made Easy With Doves Visible Glow 6-2018
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How to Revive Old Blog Content and Give It New Life
The Secrets Of A Stand-Out Blog

Are Vape Liquids Be Better For Your Health Than Cigarettes

Are you still using the conventional way of smoking? If so, you are behind the clock. It is high time for you to join the vapers side and enjoy your smoking sessions and at the same time improve your health. Research has shown that recently the use of vape mod technology devices has steadily increased particularly among the youth.

As opposed to smoking, where it involves the burning of the tobacco, vaping involves heating up of the concentrates resulting in the vapor output. Interesting right? Also, the concentrates used in the vaping devices come in many pleasant flavors. These e-liquids are lab tested meaning that they are safe for use. More so, the aroma that comes with them is quite pleasant as compared to the one that comes from the combustible cigarettes. Besides the pleasant aroma, below are some of the reasons why e liquids are better for your health as compared to tobacco;

  1. Gets Rid Of Tooth Stains

One of the effects of smoking is that your teeth become stained due to the harsh chemicals (tar and ash) found in the cigarette. One’s oral health is very vital and has a significant effect on their general health. Tooth stains mean that you are not only providing room for more bacteria to thrive but also will have to part with some cash while visiting the dentist. Therefore, if you do not want your teeth to get stained than vaping is the way to go. The output from vaping is steam and the e-liquid flavor used in the vape devices.

  1. Say Goodbye To Yellow Fingernails

Have you ever wondered why cigarette smokers have yellow fingernails? Well, let’s be honest, yellow fingernails are often perceived as being dirty and ugly for lack of a better word. When an individual holds the cigarette using their fingers, oxygen is not able to properly circulate within the fingertips hence the yellowing. Additionally, the tar and nicotine found in the cigar are also contributing factors. However, with vaping, it is impossible to experience such as there is no nicotine residue as the output is vapor and the e-liquid flavor smell.

  1. Reduced Chances Of Getting Cancer

Sadly, cancer has claimed the lives of so many people, and everyone is doing their best not to fall victim. Many smokers are aware that smoking may result in cancer hence the switch to vape. E-cigarettes contain a lower level of carcinogens compared to traditional cigarettes. Therefore, at least one can be able to enjoy their sessions knowing that there are not at a higher risk of acquiring the killer disease.

  1. Helps Individuals Quit Smoking

Stopping an addiction has proved to be quite tricky for many people, specifically smoking addiction. The nicotine in cigarettes is the substance that makes people want more and more of the cigars all the time. However, with vaping, most of the concentrates have reduced levels of nicotine, meaning that one can satisfy their cravings by inhaling a few puffs. Eventually, some end up quitting smoking entirely which is a plus to their health.

Electronic cigarette
Peer-reviewed Article on E-Cigarette Use Among Adolescents Not Susceptible to Using Cigarettes


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Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday

Oh My Heartsie Girl & Co-Hosts Welcome’s you!! Where we start early in week 152. This week our Co-Hosts have chosen from the previous week’s links and I am sure that you will find it both fun and interesting to meet and make friends with bloggers from around the world through our party and we appreciate your visit today!Oh-My-Heartsie-Girls-WW❢❢
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Karren Haller // Oh My Heartsie Girl
Double Small Spaces With a Bright Color Scheme
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Mini – Me, Batik and Room XX
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The Secret To Reduced Stress – Spring Cleaning and Organization
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Free Crochet Doll Clothes Patterns
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Noooooooo I’m Awake I couldn’t go bake to sleep, so I’m crafting.
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Alice V // DIYerfy
San Diego: The Maritime Museum, Take your Kids!
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Cook Better With Pereg Mixed Spices
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Question for you: What do you have in mind for spring,
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5 All Day Beauty Tips That Outlast Warm Weather

Summer may be some way off but the bright skies and spring sunshine give us reason to be excited. We’re all guilty of longingly looking back on the heat wave of last summer and we hope that we’ll be gifted another one this year. Let’s talk skin care for summer.

However, for all of the joy that summer can bring, it can play havoc with your skincare routine. The dangers of UV rays to the skin are well known and the sun is proven to cause wrinkles and aging spots.

5-All-Day-Beauty-Tips-That-Outlast-Warm-WeatherOur summer diets can also leave us bereft of that healthy glow – those warm-weather treats such as ice cream can be hard to turn down. Plus, we all love a good juicy hamburger at the barbecue, and who isn’t guilty of a tipple or two in the beer garden? With this in mind, take note of some all day beauty tips that are sure to outlast warmer weather.

Sunscreen is paramount
Regardless of your beauty routine; it’s crucial to keep sun protection at the forefront. If you want to continue to wear makeup throughout the season and keep it looking fresh, be sure to start off with sunscreen, prior to applying foundation and concealer.

That said, we concede that when dealing with hot temperatures and humidity, such a makeup routine can feel like a daunting task. Keep things to the bare minimum and ensure that your product list is simple. Choose a cruelty-free mineral foundation with a decent SPF level – a rating of 20-50 is highly recommended. Protection from the sun and your makeup base combined!

Look after your hair
Swimming can make for the ultimate summer workout, and even if you’re not big into exercise, the pool can still make for the perfect place to cool down. However, the chlorine can also seriously damage your hair. Before you get into the water, comb sunscreen through your strands and this will form a barrier that prevents chlorine and salt water from stripping your colour and drying out hair. With a little SPF your hairdo will easily outlast the warmer weather.

Cream eye shadow over powder
Ditch your eyeliner and favorite shadow palette and pick up a cream eye shadow instead. A complicated look such as the smoky is sure to be disastrous when it’s warm outside. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a bold and streamlined look – a single shade of cream eye shadow can help to achieve this. It is designed to stay in place for hours; simply swipe it on and forget about it without worrying about muggy conditions ruining all of your hard work. 

Waterproof mascara is your new best friend
Wearing waterproof mascara on a daily basis isn’t recommended as it can seriously dry out your eyelashes. But if you’re heading to the seaside or poolside and still wish to add a little something to your look, waterproof mascara will cling to your lashes and stay in place all day.

Don’t skimp on the setting spray

Setting spray is far from a marketing gimmick from makeup brands but is actually a pretty viable addition to your make-up routine, and even more so during summer. Setting spray specifically exists to ensure that your makeup lasts as long as possible – let’s be honest, on a summer’s day, you’re going to need all of the help you can get. A light mist of setting spray will prevent your efforts from going to waste.

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