4 Tips for Building Your Own Home

Celebrated in song and stories, “home” has meant a lot to people for thousands of years. From sod houses to a Roman domus to a poky big city apartment, home is wherever the people you love are gathered. For you, having a beautiful home is important. You want your kids to grow up somewhere where they feel safe and at home, and you want your home to be a reflection of your own ideas. You don’t want to settle for ugly cabinets, a weird layout, or too few bedrooms. You have a picture in your head of how your home should look. You’d rather have the real thing, right from the start, instead of waiting for remodels or a move to make things happen.  From Sod To a Modern Home

While expensive, building your own home can be a wonderful experience, not just for you, but for your entire family. Without further ado, here are some tips for building your own home.

Of course, you’ll work with an architect to design your home. You should, however, be considering what you want months before you start designing. Do you want a wide-open living room? A kitchen that overlooks the backyard? Make sure you remember practical details as well, like including plenty of storage space. Having a set picture in your head will help you as you work with an architect. Some things won’t be possible, so be ready to compromise on certain ideas or move them to different areas of the house. Don’t be afraid to get creative, though–you can make any house you want, so go ahead and have that hidden room or secret passage. After all, you have total freedom to imagine.

Contact a Builder
This isn’t the Wild West, and you’re not about to build a log cabin with your bare hands. To make your dream home a reality, you’ll want to work with building professionals. Find home builders in queensland and consult with them about your home design. Once you feel comfortable with a business, you can pass the project into their capable hands. Then–you take a break. Mostly. You can oversee the project and attend to other details, like having cabinets made, while you wait, and even start planning your colors, furniture, and home decor.

Your home, in your head, will have a certain feel, but sometimes it can be hard to translate that feel into a living reality. Look at colors, furniture, home decor options, and more to start getting a sense of what you want. Start with an object, like a vase or painting, and work outwards from there. Pay attend to the details of your home, like curtains or blinds. You can buy plantation shutters online in Queensland, or find drapes that match the sofa pillows.

Building a home isn’t a walk in the park. It can be expensive, time-consuming, and even stressful. That process, however, is brief when compared to a lifetime in a home you designed yourself. Your home will be exactly what you’re looking for–because you had it made that way.

Using Wall Tiles for The Maximalism Trend of 2018

Tiles for the Maximalism Trend

For what feels like a lifetime, minimalism has been the go-to trend for homeowners and designers alike. While beautifully timeless and classic, the minimalism trend is slowly being bypassed by a bolder and more colorful look, maximalism. Best summed up as the total opposite of minimalism, maximalism focuses on rich colours, patterns and textures. This lends itself to creative and character filled homes that are bursting with life. But how do you get this same look in rooms like bathrooms or kitchens which are notoriously more difficult to personalize? Well, the best place to start is your tiles. Tiles are the foundations to a whole theme in bathrooms and kitchens, so, lets take a look which tiles can help you to achieve that stunning maximalist home.

Using Wall Tiles for The Maximalism Trend of 2018

Black Metro Tiles

Metro tiles have more than been doing the rounds in the interiors world as of late. Walk in to nearly any commercial or residential building and you’ll likely be met with a metro tile. Metro wall tiles first rose to popularity in the early 1900s thanks to their extensive use on the London Underground stations. These tiles soon became an iconic design feature that is synonymous with this time in history and as such give a gorgeous vintage glamour aesthetic. For a maximalist look, use a black metro tile with a high gloss finish. This gives a dramatic flair that oozes sophistication. Black tiles are best used in spaces with plenty of access to natural or artificial light, so try a grey metro tile for smaller rooms instead.

Definition of MaximalismQuote 
“Maximalism has such an emotional quality to it because you’re
drawing upon things you love. Sasha Bikoff, interior designer”

Patterned Tiles

There’s no escaping patterns at the moment and they show no signs of going away any time soon. Whether it be a funky palm tree, geometric or chevron print, its safe to say that patterns are paving the way of the maximalist trend. Much like a wallpaper, patterned tile make for excellent feature walls. This allows you to focus on those stunning accessories that really make the maximalist design shine.

Herringbone Tiles

You may find the term herringbone vaguely familiar and for good reason. Most commonly found within the wood flooring world, herringbone refers to the name of the layout of the wood planks. One of the best thing about tiles is that you can lay them however you want once you’ve bought them. Herringbone floors have taken over the wood flooring industry and the look is currently doing the same within the tile community. Herringbone tiles are ideal for maximalist looks since they add incredibly fluidity and interest to a wall or floor. In a similar way to patterns, chevron tiles create a point of interest in a room which works perfectly with those striking colours and finishing home decor items. 

Maximalism couldn’t come at a better time. With minimalist homes starting to grow tired and predictable, the interiors world is relishing the chance to work with bold new looks. In the worlds current climate, a little makeover is exactly what were all looking for. So, why not consider maximalism as a theme if you’re planning to redecorate!

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What Does Your Apartment Say About You?

Who Would Think  Your Apartment Can Boost Your Confidence

Did you know that only 15% of people have “great” self-esteem? The rest of us go through life with less-than-ideal confidence levels. We doubt and criticize ourselves, but we often don’t consider the way our self-esteem is affecting the rest of our lives. Self-doubt can make it hard to get a job, get a promotion, get a date, or pursue our dreams. Procrastination is an indicator of low self-esteem, so if you regularly drag your feet about tasks, it might be a sign that you don’t think you’re capable. What-Does-Your-Apartment-Say-About-You.
Don’t let your low self-esteem influence the course of your life. Instead, take practical steps to improve it. While there are many great ways to affect our confidence-levels, here we’re going to talk about one of the most fun: how your apartment can boost your confidence.

Self-Expression is Key
One of the best ways to start building our self-esteem is to compliment ourselves. Maybe we’re trying to avoid being vain, or an egomaniac, but we often neglect to think positive things about ourselves. Instead of focusing on the bad, take active steps to celebrate the good in you. Your apartment is the perfect place to begin that self-expression. White walls and haphazard furniture? Out it goes. Ditch the couch that you’ve had since college and upgrade to some modern furniture. Get decor that reminds you of a favorite book or global location, and put your favorite quotes up on the wall. Go with what feels right. The more your apartment expresses you, the more of a haven it will be.

Exercising Personal Choices
Usually, we think we’re making all our daily choices. But often, it’s not really us making the choice. We have a perception in our head of what we “should” do, or what others would “want” us to do, and we make our choices based off of that instead. Your apartment is a place where you can practice true-you choices, by making decisions based off what you really want, not what others would think. Have a swing in your living room. Get the pet your mother never let you have as a child. Hang canvas prints and paint the wall in colors. If you want to paint your bathroom bright pink, go for it. This is about practicing being your true self. You only get one life to live and you might as well make it memorable.

Your Own Space
Last but not least, your apartment is your zone of belonging. If you go through life without a place you can truly call “yours” you may feel unanchored. It can help boost your confidence simply to have a place you know you belong. The decor, colors, furniture, and atmosphere was all designed by you. You “fit” in your apartment, and when friends and family come to visit, your apartment can be a quiet declaration of self-expression. That kind of grounding can play an important role in making you feel better about yourself. So, when all is said and done, when it comes to a confident future–start at home.

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The Benefits Of Glass Balustrades “Stairs”

New and Innovative Stairs

The Benefits if Glass #Balustrades
Sources: Bored Panda and Granddesignstairs.com

The balustrade is an essential and often overlooked part of stair design. It doesn’t matter whether your stairs are inside or outside, the balustrade will need to be carefully considered before you install the stairs.

No matter how stunning the stairs this will ensure it is fully integrated into the design. This has been true for centuries.

Of course you can install glass balustrades after the stairs are in place; you simply need to find the right system to lock it all into place. You can then appreciate these benefits:


There is no doubt that a glass balustrade is a thing of beauty. A glass elegant will not always be fully visible, this adds to the elegance and sophistication of the balustrade.

In fact, because it can reflect light it will brighten and transform all of your interior space.


No matter where your balustrade is a glass balustrade can allow light to flood through the house. This helps if light is low to lift your mood and make you feel like the outside is inside.

It can also ensure that you can see the stunning view from your own hoe, no matter where you’re sat.


The great thing about glass is that it is tough and requires virtually no maintenance. You will need to wipe it clean regularly, especially if you have children! This is much quicker and easier than some of the ornate balustrades you’ll find in houses and design shops.

You can even polish out scratches to ensure they look as good 5 or 10 years in the future as they did when first installed!


Because light moves through glass and is reflected round the room it can dramatically increase the feeling of space inside your home.

This is not a benefit you’ll be able to appreciate if you use wood, metal or any other material for your balustrade.

Mixing It Up

The greatest thing about glass is that it is not a standalone material. You can have an entirely glass balustrade. Alternatively you can opt for a part glass and part virtually any other material. This can add to the aesthetic appeal and help it to feel in harmony with the rest of your home.


You’re first thought regarding glass balustrades is probably that glass is fragile and dangerous when it breaks. In fact, glass is one of the strongest construction materials currently available.

It also has the benefit of being extremely durable. Years from now it will have weather but look virtually identical to how it is today; that’s not something most balustrade materials can say!


Finally, glass is actually very easy to install. The panels will arrive pre-cut and with mounting holes already drilled into the right positions. All you need to do is attach them to the framework and enjoy. Alternatively, your supplier can install the glass balustrade for you. They’ll be in and out of your home in no time.

Take a look at some images online and you’ll be surprised at just how good a choice this is for your next balustrade.

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