The Best Place To Order Trending Graphic T-Shirts Online

2018 is all about welcoming graphic tees back. For a short-lived moment in the past year, we started to believe that t-shirts reading messages, puns, and slogans were so yesterday. Until, of course, Until, of course, we saw  the trends change tracks bringing graphics back in trend. But there’s a catch. Today’s fashion allows you to wear only trending designs, ones that are not mainstream and have that ‘cool’ factor. women-s-sequin-decoration-short-sleeve-tee-shirt

Most shops just recycle the same ideas and bring forward graphic prints that we’ve seen too many times. However, this one shop that we’ve found is all things awesome with new, trending designs. The shop’s called Look Human. At Human, you can, not just find your favorite printed tees, but also totes, leggings, other apparel, and accessories. The quality is top-notch, and overall there’s not a single reason to make you skip this store for the next.

With over hundreds of unique and quirky designs to choose from, that span several categories from those for feminists to those for introverts, and everything in between and beyond, at this store you can easily find the perfect apparel to express yourself.

Wondering why we’re so smitten? Here are the details on the ‘why.’

Perfectly comfortable for summers

With summer here, it’s time to stuff your hoodies and fur jackets at the back of your closet. It’s time to shop for new clothes for the season. However, with how hot it can get, you must ensure that whatever clothing you buy comes with a lightweight fabric and guarantees comfort. We think tees are made for summers, which is why Human is our favorite right now.

The brand offers clothes that are suitable for the hot weather. The soft fabric used in the tees offered by this brand ensures that the heat and the sweat don’t get the best of you. Apart from the fabric, even the designs are printed so as to not cause an itch. Human offers cozy shirts that you wouldn’t want to take off!

Trendy and fun prints and patterns

Human is in line with what is in vogue today. The T-shirt company has its shelves filled with items that read what the world speaks of. Trending topics are covered at a fast pace, so you can easily find shirts that read a message that resonates with the ideas that bloom in your mind. Moreover, the brand’s all about positivity.

The designs are not just based on trending topics but are so in a fun way. With a hidden joke or a pun in the mix, the lines written, or the pictorials shown are bound to bring a smile on your face as well as on the faces of onlookers. These designs are in no way common either. So, you’re definitely not getting unoriginal material.

A vast collection, with customization options

With Human, you get a lot to choose your pick from. There are several soothing colors available to select from and designs that can be altered to be for men and women, both. In fact, if you like a design you can also select it in kids’ size. Moreover, the sizing options expand to include plus-size as well. The brand doesn’t only have t-shirts sitting on its e-shelves.

It also has a wide range of other clothing items including hoodies, socks, leggings, etc. There are sections dedicated to home stuff like pillows, blankets, etc. and accessories like phone cases, totes, cards, etc. as well. You can buy a print in your preferred style, with short sleeves, long ones, as a baseball tee or in the form of hoodies, etc. Therefore, customization is allowed to a great extent.

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Affordable with the option to save more

Not only is Human an overall affordable store, but it also offers further savings. An entire category on the webstore holds ‘sale’ items. Moreover, you can also source 10% off site wide Human coupon code from to cut down the prices even more. These codes can only be used as long as they are valid. Also, codes must be applied in the given field before checkout.

Each code comes with its terms of use. You can get coupons by signing up to the newsletter of the brand. Subscribing to the newsletter would keep you in the know of the latest deals being offered and other news from the company’s end. Human also conducts giveaways, so customers can take part in those to win freebies.

Amazing quality and soft fabric

With most graphic tees, there’s the fear of getting served with low quality. However, that’s not the case at all with Human. The brand details one on the material of the fabric. Some apparel items are made of 100% ring spun cotton while others are made of 100% cotton. Other times, a blend of these materials with rayon, polyester or both is used.

The designs are printed in the US and the clothes are also preshrunk. This means that you wouldn’t have to deal with a tad bit tighter size after a single dunk of the clothing item in water. Moreover, not only is the fabric super soft but it is also lasting. Further durability has been ensured by hemming the sleeves and the bottom of the shirts.

To sum up, Human offers a whole lot of amazing products at even better prices. While the price tags are already not too demanding, you can make the most of them by using coupon codes. The fabric is soft, often cotton or a blend of it. There is no compromise on quality from the first stitch to the last mark of the printed graphic. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for trendy and unique apparel and accessories, Human is the best online place to head to! Already been there? Which is your favorite Human pun? Tell us in the comments!

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Making Clothes Last     

No matter who you are, where you are, and what you do for a living, chances are that you are expected to be fully clothed when you walk around out in the world. That is, most people would agree, a pretty good thing — some things are best kept private! But while getting dressed is so normal that it verges on unconscious for most of us, this obvious ritual is costing us a lot. Taking Care of Clothes to Make them Last

Clothes and your budget

Americans spend a lot on clothes. The average family spends $1,700 on clothes annually, and yet we don’t wear most of the clothes that we find in our own closets — probably because we shop so irrationally.

Of course, this isn’t happening solely because we all have to wear clothes. People have been wearing clothes for an awful long time, yet our ancestors didn’t find themselves in H&M every other week buying new tops. The difference may be our throwaway society, experts say: we’re conditioned to buy cheap things and toss them when they wear out, rather than “buying it for life.”

We could save money by making our clothes last longer. Here’s how to do that.

Buying for keeps

Making your clothes last starts with the clothes themselves. If you buy cheap goods at “fast fashion” shops, then you shouldn’t be particularly surprised when they wear out fast. Such things are made cheaply (and, in an unfortunately large number of cases, under deplorable conditions). Instead, look for retailers that offer higher-quality products. That’s not necessarily the same thing as looking for pricey clothes, say the experts at Saved by the Dress — affordable online boutiques and other specialty shops can help you here. Good clothes should be well-made and stylish, but they don’t have to be overpriced.

For really tough clothes, consider looking to stores that offer long-lasting guarantees and forgiving return policies. Such shops are signaling that they are ready to stand behind their products, which they clearly expect to last.

Washers, dryers, and keeping clothes longer

Our clothes go through a lot when we wear them, but that’s not the only time that they suffer. Washing and drying clothes can be tough on them, too.

Learn how to wash your clothes properly. Using cold water can help limit shrinking in cotton clothes, and drying on lower heat (or air-drying clothes instead of putting them in the dryer at all) can do the same. Your clothes have codes on their tags, too, which will tell you how to wash them properly if you learn how to read the weird hieroglyphics.

High-end washers and dryers will give you more options for protecting your clothes with gentle but effective washing and drying. And keeping your washer and dryer maintained can be key, too, says one expert in appliance repair in Oahu. It can also make your machines more efficient and more reliable, saving your money on energy bills and potential future repair costs.

Mending and patching

Learning how to mend or patch your clothes can help, too. Patching has become something of a lost art, but it can extend the life of your pants and other garments. Learn how to do a clean job of adding a subtle patch, and you’ll find that you can make things nearly as good as new. If you’re unsure of your own skills, speak to seamstresses and tailors about having them do the job for you.

Not every single piece of clothing is worth saving, of course. But if you are a bit more conscious about how you shop for clothes, wash clothes, and treat salvageable garments, then you may find you can save a lot of money by making your clothes last.

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Choosing Athletic Wear Over Being a Fashionista

At one time or another we have needed fun athletic wear and when you go to buy and try them on, especially those bra tops, well they are less than attractive especially if you are well endowed. I dont know who actually designs sports tops but they have not in many cases talked to a women to get her feedback.

There are specifically design issues to consider:

1. Support
2. Comfort
3. Style
4. Wireless
5. Straps

Now taking into consideration the above, it shouldn’t be that hard to manage.

We want to feel confident when we go to the gym, I mean the whole reason we have decided to go to the gym is to improve our appearance and health, but we want to start out feeling good about our appearance. Now not that we need to be a beauty queen ready for a beauty contest with our hair and makeup done to perfection but we do want comfort, support style and design. Particular in the sports bra we want straps with minimal stretch to reduce up-and-down breast movement. We want adjustable straps that provide a customizable fit. The Band: As the foundation of the bra, the band should fit flat against your ribcage and fit more snugly than a lingerie bra.

When you go to the gym and depending the types of exercise your going to be doing, at some point there will be high impact, like jogging, running, dancing or aerobic exercise, which means even more support.

So what and how do you decide when buying sports clothes? It would be great if there was an expert to help us with our body types, styles that are best. But you always want to chose function or fashion, however, you still want to feel and look your best when you are embarking on your overall appearance. I found a website that talks about “bras”, products and the evolution called

Something to think about:
I feel it is important not to get overly obsessed and overly carried away with just the physical aspect. There is more to beauty than just the physical appearance. You are also a complete person, and a woman should have an identity beyond just the way she looks. Katrina Kaif

Top 3 Summer Essentials You Need To Have

Sweltering hot days; impromptu trips to the beach; and barbeque parties in your backyard – all signals that summer is officially here! This means, it’s time to arm yourself with some must-haves to survive the soaring temperatures this season.

So, whether you are overhauling your wardrobe with some all-time summer favorites, planning that family vacation, or heading out for your annual trek, these are the top 3 summer essentials that you absolutely need to own! Top 3 Summer Essentials You Need To Have

1. Sunglasses

Sunnies are the safest way to survive the glare of the summer sun. And it’s fashionable too, although some can be a tad expensive. Still, you can go online to check for some great deals and coupon codes to help you own a pair of sunglasses that’s within your budget. There’s a whole range of designs to choose from, with the top trendiest ones this season being oversized sunglasses as well as cat-eye, and retro styles with a new take.

Sunglasses with tinted lens are also trending, with pink and orange the preferred colors. Tortoise-shell frames with sparkles or multi-colors are a top favorite, as are thin metal frames and the more square D-shaped frames. Whatever the design, the best part is that many of these styles don’t ever actually go out of fashion. Just wearing a pair of sunglasses that goes well with your outfit, is sure to make you stand out. So, we recommend you make use of the many summer promotions and discount coupon codes on offer to get yourself great pair or two.

2. Sunscreen

An obvious advice, right? But, it’s a well-known fact that we don’t heed this sound counsel too well. Many of us have heard all too often the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays. We’re told time and again about the need to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays to prevent ourselves from getting excessive sunburn and skin cancer.

That’s where a good sunscreen comes in.

Some health agencies say using a sunblock with SPF 15 should do the trick. But the majority urge users to go for a sunscreen with an SPF of 30. Sunscreens that have an SPF of 30 are generally considered to be broad spectrum and is suitable for most skin types. Still, for those who have extremely sensitive skin or are suffering from some major skin condition, a higher SPF level of 50 or more is ideally recommended.

3. Summer wardrobe

To beat the sweltering heat, you need to a real, good set of summer-wear – clothes that are light and airy, and reflect the season’s cheerful energy.

For those weekend family trips to the beach or parties by the ocean, you need to own some great pair of beach clothes. From shorts, to bikinis, to sarongs, and a great hat, there’s nothing like having your beachwear ready to go.

You also need some great pair of light, cotton dresses that are great to wear for a stroll on the beach, for a trip to the local supermarket, or even as daily wear for your workplace. For the men, there’s no denying the benefits of owning a few pairs of light, cotton shirts and trousers that helps you beat the summer heat.


In short, you need to get yourself a good sunblock, a great set of summer clothes, and a pair of cool sunglasses to fully enjoy the wonderful things this season has to offer. And the best part: you will even stand out, looking both cool and trendy.

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