The Top 5 Fun & Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids

 Top-5-Games-and-Outdoor-Activities-For-KidsBefore the age of computers children spent most of their time outside playing.  There are an array of free activities that can be undertaken outdoors, it’s relatively safe, and children are getting the exercise they need as they develop.

Of course, today children are more likely to be in front of a game console or their mobile phone. But, with a little encouragement you can get them to enjoy the outdoors.

In fact, the key to this is starting as young as possible. If you’re considering pre-school then choose one that encourages outdoor play and learning through play. Your children will benefit from attending a pre-school such as this pre-school Valley Heights.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 fun and simple outdoor activities for kids:

  1. Water balloons

If it’s a hot day then there is little more fun than heading outside with your children and a collection of water balloons. At first you may want to keep track of who is winning but you’ll quickly get lost in the fun of it.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way of getting children outside and getting them to use their brains. You simply need to establish a treasure and then work backwards, writing clues as you go. The clues will need to be appropriate for the age of your children.

The kids can then follow the clues and the winner is the first one to find the prize.

  1. Obstacle Course

You’ll be surprised at how much fun a simple obstacle course can be. You can create the course from anything you want, such as children’s toys or tree branches. There is no limit to how many or what type of obstacles you include.

Take it in turns to have a go and even arrange a prize for the winner. It’s a lot of fun:!

  1. Outdoor Baking

Most children love to get messy. That makes  a great excuse for ‘cooking’ outside. In fact, you’ll be making mud pipes and other tasty treats. Show your children how it’s done and let them use their imagination. It’s surprising what children will come up with.

In fact, it will give you some god insight into how their mind is working.

  1. Bug Hunting

Take the getting messy theme a little further and start bug hunting. This is especially good for small children as they will be fascinated by the wriggling bugs you find. They should also be young enough not to have a fear of holding the bugs.

That makes the home experience more rewarding.

Final Thoughts

Getting your children outside to play is good for them. But, it’s also good for you. That’s why you should join in their play time and make the most of the bond that is created. Children grow up so fast you need to make the most of every moment you have.

Don’t forget, playing outside with them is likely to make them keener to do it again in the future, helping you t maintain your bond with your children.


How to Homeschool Your Kid Like a Pro during COVID-19

How-to-Homeschool-Your-Kid-Like-a-Pro-during-COVID-COVID-19 is difficult for all of us in so many ways. But when it comes to the parents who have to teach their kids at home amid the lockdown, it is something very difficult. Most of you probably never thought of teaching your children at home. There is no denying the fact that it can be very challenging, and most of you have never done this before.

However, no matter how hard it may sound, you don’t have to worry much about this, believe me when I say that you got this.

In this blog, I’ve narrowed down some clever ways that will help you to homeschool your kid like a pro.

Here you go:

First Thing First – Develop a Schedule

The first and the most important thing that you need to do is to develop a schedule for both yourself and your kids. It’ll help you to stay on track and cover everything that your kids need to learn. Above all, it’ll bring much-needed organization in your life that is disturbed due to always staying at home.

Know the Right Resources

Understand this that you’ve not been trained to do this like teachers are. Therefore, it is very critical that you know the right resources to make it a little easier for you. There are many online platforms that can help you in this regard. For example, if you are struggling with math worksheets of your kid’s syllabus, you can take help online.

You May Have to Learn Somethings from Scratch

A lot had changed in the books and course of children from the time when you were studying. So, don’t expect that you’ll know everything about your kid’s course. You may have to learn and unlearn a lot of things in order to teach them better. It is not as difficult as it sounds. All you have to do is to know about the right and authentic resources, and you’ll do just fine in teaching your kid.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself and On Your Kids

Understandably, teaching your kid for the first time at home can be challenging, and it can easily frustrate you. However, you need to constantly remind yourself that this is an unusual time, and it’s nobody’s fault. So give yourself a break and don’t be too hard on yourself. It is important because if you take it easy, you might reflect it on your kid, and that is something you would never want to do because then your kid might resist you, and that is clearly something you don’t want to happen.

Give them Breaks Just as they do at School

One of the most practical strategies to teach your kids at home is to try to give them an environment as they have in school. You don’t have to put much effort into this. Just wake them up at the time you used to wake them when the school was open and give them study break just like they used to get when they were going to school.

Why It’s Important for Your Children to Have Creative Toys

It is important offer your children to have creative toysMost children do not have an issue expressing their creativity. Ask any parent who has had to clean markers and crayons off the walls and you’ll know how creative children can get. Providing them with toys allows your children to put their creativity at work. Creativity doesn’t necessarily have to be about the artwork as it may be expressed in different ways as well.

Benefits of Associative Play

According to experts, play is important for children as it allows them to develop emotionally. Associative play, the exposure of children to unstructured play, allows them to learn to communicate and offers them an opportunity to work as a team with their peers. From the age of two, children begin moving on from their solitary play and take part in associative and parallel play. The latter occurs when two children play close to one another but not necessarily together. Play can make it possible for your child to develop socially and cognitively with toys facilitating their abilities to get creative.

You can organize for a get-together with friends who have children so your kids can play with theirs while you sit aside and watch them without getting involved. Toys can help them to interact as they take various roles when they play. Associative play, therefore, offers children the ability to discover themselves, their talent, and ways to communicate effectively.

Toys Encourage Story-Making

Parents, for so long, offer the primary narrative in the lives of their children. A lot of parents start the habit of reading storybooks from the moment their children are born. Such habits offer an invaluable service in developing the budding vocabulary of a child.

As the children develop into toddlers, their playtime should inspire them to come up with their own stories. That can be made possible by providing them with toys that will foster open-ended play. For instance, a beautifully made toy can be used in a variety of stories invented by your little one. In such a case, one would acknowledge how creative their child has become.

You can visit Bricks Fans to learn more about different toys that can transform your child’s imagination and creativity.

Toys Inspire innovation

When you offer toys to your children, you are able to create an environment that encourages innovation. Childhood toys, in most cases, usually set the stage for lifelong innovators. Your child is able to become a creative thinker, viewing problems from different perspectives and coming up with solutions that match the problem.

Toys Foster Better Focus

Kids are likely to play for a long time when they have a few toys to pick from. When presented with options, children tend to pick items that they feel will keep them engaged and happy. As such, they are able to focus only on what they find to be ideal for them as they abandon those they find unsuitable. As a result, they are able to master the art of prioritizing because they will be able to shift their focus on what they find to be most beneficial to them.

Wrap up

While toys can foster innovation, creativity, and focus among children, it is important to ensure that children get toys that match their age. Additionally, parents should encourage associative play to enhance the communication skills of their children.
Do you feel your childrens toys played a part in their learing skills? Did you creative games and activities for your kids while they were young?

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Lasting Memories 9 Reasons to Send Kids to Sleep Away Summer Camps

9 Reasons to Send Kids to Sleep Away Summer CampsKids deserve a happy childhood filled with fun times.

Summer is a great time to make new friends and enjoy the great outdoors. One great way to ensure your children are getting the most out of their break is by enrolling them in a sleep away camp. More than 14 million children and adults attend summer camps each year.

If you’re looking to help your children make lasting memories, keep reading. Here are 9 reasons to send kids to sleep away Summer camps.

1. Your Kids Will Make New Friends

Sleepaway Summer camps offer your kids the chance to make new friends and improve their social skills. This is a great opportunity for those who struggle to meet people locally.

2. Sleep Away Summer Camps Can Offer a Confidence Boost

Leaving home and trying new things can offer your children the confidence boost they need. Being on their own offers a chance for them to see how capable they are.

3. They Help Youth Conquer Their Fears

The activities planned at camp can range from rock climbing to swimming in lakes. If your children have a fear, one of these programs can likely help them face and conquer it.

4. Your Kids Will Discover New Activities

The activities planned aren’t going to be your kid’s usual choices. This can offer them a chance to discover a new activity and possibly continue doing it after coming home.

5. Children Learn Independence

Discovering the world outside of the comfort of your home and family can help your children learn independence. This real-world skill will come in handy as they age.

6. There’s an Opportunity for Reinvention

Conquering fears and participating in new activities can help your children learn more about who they are and who they want to be. They’ll have the tools and time to grow and reinvent themselves.

7. Develop New Skills

With new activities and independence comes new abilities. Your children will grow more confident as they develop new skills.

8. More Time Outdoors, Less Time on Technology

Children have grown accustomed to having technology all around them. Sleepaway Summer camps will give yours the chance to spend more time to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the world outside of the screen.

9. Everyone Gets a Much Needed Break

It’s no surprise that families can be close and still need some time away from one another. Sleepaway You can enjoy a break from the constant chaos by choosing a sleep-away camp suited best for your children.

Time to Discover More Parenting Tips

Every year, parents are looking for new ways to help their children grow. Now that you’ve learned the benefits of sleep away summer camps, you can choose the best option for your kids. One day, they’ll thank you for all the fun times they had because of your choice.

Being a parent today can be challenging, but worth it. You can help your children grow by exploring other great parenting tips right here on our website today.
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