Benefits of Heating Your Swimming Pool

There-are-many-benefits-of-swimming-in-a-heated-poolA swimming pool enables owners to create many memories. From swimming laps for exercise to throwing fabulous swim parties, your pool is a central part of your home. If you’ve had to close your pool for several months of the year due to cold weather, you know the sadness that accompanies the closure. Fortunately, installing pool heaters is an effective way to operate your swimming pool year-round. Here are the many benefits you’ll enjoy with a heated swimming pool.

Extended Use

First, pool heaters Pittsburgh enable owners to keep their pool open even during the off-season months. Many homeowners simply cannot justify the cost of a pool if they’re only able to use it for six months out of the year. The ability to use your pool year-round makes it more reasonable to install one in the first place. There are solar heaters that can be used in conjunction with conventional heaters. This system helps lower utility bills and is a cleaner source of energy than traditional electricity.

Relaxed Muscles

Swimming is an excellent cross training exercise. Any individual who participates in high-impact workouts knows the benefit of creating a balanced workout routine. Your body needs to rest and recover from high-impact exercises like running and weightlifting. Swimming in a heated pool relaxes stressed muscles while getting a low-impact workout.

Complete Workout

Many forms of exercise target a specific part of the body; however, swimming is a full-body workout. No matter what stroke you’re doing, all of the muscles in your body are required to work. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean your body is under high amounts of stress due to the fluidity of water. Swimming in a heated pool relaxes your muscles which also decreases the amount of stress.

Improved Blood Circulation

Swimming is known for its cardiovascular benefits. Owning a swimming pool is an excellent way to keep your heart in good shape. Unfortunately, a cold swimming pool deters individuals from jumping in the pool to get a daily workout. By heating your pool, you’ll likely provide more opportunities for family members to get a regular workout that improves their cardiovascular system. A consistent swimming routine has been shown to reduce high blood pressure.

Healthy Mind

Many doctors note the benefit of exercise for a healthy mind. Individuals who participate in some form of regular exercise can reduce their anxiety and depression and improve cognitive function. Swimming in a heated pool is an excellent way to participate in a consistent conditioning exercise program.

There are many benefits of swimming in a heated pool. The cost to install a pool heater is offset by the numerous benefits.

4 Tips to Living a More Sustainable Life During a Pandemic

4-Tips-to-Living-a-More-Sustainable-Life-During-a-PandemicIn the wake of the lockdowns due to the pandemic around the globe, people have become more aware that sustainable living is possible on a global scale. It is just sad that it took a pandemic and months of being cooped up at home to realize how we have become too wasteful with our resources.

Lockdowns in certain countries showed positive effects on the ecosystem. The volume of water and air pollutants has considerably dropped, which can be observed in the water in the Venice canals and the improved air quality in almost any country.  

With more hours staying at home, we can develop greener habits in our confined space the same as when we are free to roam. We can continue to be sustainable in our little patch of the earth. Below are four tips to make your life more sustainable in this pandemic. 

Say no to plastic. 

When you are staying more at home, you can avoid using plastic as much as possible. Drinking from a single-use plastic bottle is not needed when you can drink from the tap. To save more on the water for washing dishes, use your reusable water bottle at home.

 Find things made of plastic that you use daily, like the plastic bath sponge. You can switch to a more sustainable option, such as the soap saver bag. It is an excellent substitute because of its natural bristles, which is perfect for exfoliating and can be part of the compost when done using. Click here to read more

 Grow a home garden.

Living in the urban jungle did not stop people from growing greens. Green thumb or not, you should try growing your garden. You can search for many videos online on how to regrow vegetables bought from the market or grocery. Growing your food helps create a sustainable environment by literally being productive at home during the pandemic.

 Take up bicycling.

With more people working from home due to the pandemic, the number of cars on the road radically decreased and created quite a positive impact on air quality. Bicycling to work or doing your errands is a win-win situation for your health and the environment. It helps lower your carbon footprint and is a tremendous daily cardio workout as well.

Be energy efficient.

Staying more at home these days would require more energy. There are many ways of cutting down on energy use to save money and live eco-friendly at the same time. You can change your lighting to LED bulbs, which are more energy-efficient than traditional bulbs. Switching off your computer when you are done with your work, regulating the use of your AC, and turning off your appliances’ switches when not in use are simple ways of saving energy while at home. 

Living a sustainable and environment-friendly lifestyle has excellent potential during the pandemic. These are just some of the easy steps you can take to start or continue a balanced way of life. Keep these good habits and then some more to give back to your little part of the earth.

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Herbalife Nutrition Changing The Lifestyle Of An Entire Town In Ohio

Herbalife has been around for 39 years, being established by Mark Hughes in February of 1980. Hughes started selling weight management products by himself, the first product being a protein shake which was designed to help people manage their weight. By the year 1985, the company was labeled by the Inc. publication as the fastest-growing private company in the country, after its sales increased from $386,000 to $423 million in the span of 5 years. By 1996, the company was reaching 32 countries and had international sales account for more than half of the company’s total sales.

Herbalife has a simple goal of changing nutrition into something that is more accessible, as well as an achievable way of living. The company currently reaches more than 90 different countries through its distributors and has 8,000 employees worldwide. The company’s distributors also offer one-on-one support, as well as personalized help designed to cater to various lifestyles – from people who want to lose weight to athletes.

Source: Pinterest

Besides focusing on selling nutritional supplements, Herbalife distributors also focus on giving back to the community. Coshocton, a small town in northeast Ohio has been going through a recent transformation after the company’s distributor and local resident Rochelle Byers and her husband Dave worked with the community in order to restore a healthy lifestyle to the small town.

A study conducted by the Fair Labor Association shows that more than half of factory workers in Coshocton work 60 hours every week or more. Over time, factory labor can take a toll on one’s body as it can be physically taxing. The small community has been tied to working in factories for decades and tied with the fact that there was a consistent lack of good nutrition, Coshocton was in need of a change.

Source: Pinterest

Dave and Rochelle Byers managed to find a solution to the issues that were plaguing the small town, by simply offering free samples of Herbalife Nutrition products and providing fitness classes at no charge. According to Rochelle Byers, the goal was to build a relationship with the customers by helping them find the thing that would make them happy and trying to help them break through the barrier that is holding them back. Dave also talked about the initiative, noting that the two love their job due to the fact that they get the opportunity to help people change their life.

The two saw the problem of Coshocton as an opportunity to make a difference. The community club entitled Healthy’s opened by Dave focuses on a healthier lifestyle through a holistic approach. The club offers protein shakes, aloe, and teas in order to give the residents of Coshocton what they need for a nutritious snack or meal. Dave also pointed out that the nutrition products and the community health activities that they offer make it impossible for people to have an excuse not to join and live a healthier lifestyle. 

Besides the nutritious products and the physical activity, the community club shows attention to detail by designing personalized programs for each individual customer and providing support. The Byers couple is aware of the fact that the residents of Coshocton are at different stages when it comes to their journey. What is different about the products offered by the community club is that unlike regular nutrition plans which are specific to gaining muscle or losing weight, the activities and programs offered by Healthy’s aim to encourage the customers to achieve their personal goals. What this means is that people of any age are invited to participate and enjoy the support they need in order to achieve their goals.

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Why You Should Embrace Exercise as a Stress Reducer

Would you exercise if it would help relieve stress?Why You Should Embrace Exercise To Help Reduce Stress

There are so many reasons to exercise that you might not feel like you need another. But if those skinny jeans aren’t a motivator, this may help.

If you’re stressed out and still not exercising regularly already, you’ll want to start right away.

We all have our fair share of stress, and exercise is one of the best natural stress relievers around. And it makes perfect sense when you think about it. There’s a little pain involved in working out, but then you feel amazing when it’s over. Exercise actually makes you feel better about a lot of things in life. You should really give it a go.

Here’s why you should embrace exercise as a stress reducer.

Fewer side effects than medication

If you tell your doctor that you need something to help you manage your stress levels, he or she might prescribe something like Prozac or Lexapro. And while many people find these medications helpful for relieving anxiety symptoms, they do come with a list of potential side effects. Common side effects of anti-anxiety medications include insomnia, headaches, dry mouth, and even more anxiety.

Exercise, on the other hand, can relieve stress without any side effects at all. Unless, of course, you consider a healthy glow and killer body as side effects.

Brain-altering effects

When you exercise, your mind is probably focused on the changes that are happening in your body. But there are also real and measurable changes that are taking place in your brain.

Exercise helps boost the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters called endorphins. You may have heard of the “runner’s high.” Well, it’s not just for runners. It’s for anyone who engages in any type of physical activity. You see, exercise breaks down your muscles before the body goes in and rebuilds them stronger. To counter the effects of your muscles breaking down, your body releases endorphins to help minimize pain and soreness. As a bonus, you feel like you’re on top of the world for a while.

Helps clear your mind

When you’re exercising, it’s difficult to think much about your problems. Instead, you’re focused completely on the task at hand. And sometimes, a break from anxiety is all you need to start your day off on the right foot. If there was a non-addictive pill that would make you forget your problems, most people would probably take it. But since there isn’t, you may as well exercise. It’s about the next best thing.

Improve sleep

Insomnia is commonly associated with anxiety for obvious reasons. When you can’t stop stressing about your problems, how can you sleep? But not only can exercise help clear your mind and boost your mood, but it can also help you sleep better.

Most of us sleep better when we’re tired, and exercise is a great way to ensure we’re expending enough energy in a day. Just be sure that you’re not exercising in the few hours before bed. Late-night workouts can get your heart pumping, which may do more to interfere with sleep than to help.

If you’re still not sold on the benefits of exercise, maybe you haven’t found the right type. Try different types of exercise to see what works best for you. Some people love cardio and running while others dread it. But you’ll never know which one you are until you try. Whether it’s cross fit, yoga, dancing or jujitsu, you’re sure to find something that suits your lifestyle.

And if all else fails, consider outdoor therapy. Just try a 30-minute nature walk each day and see how your anxiety responds. You’ll be glad you did.

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