Fotor Photo Editor Collage Maker~Discount Code Included

What program do you use to produce banners and graphics for your blog to make them stand out? For years I have either used Publisher on my computer, Canva or PicMonkey and they have all have served me well. But of late I wanted more sophisticated banners and graphics and was ask to review Fotor. Fotor is a Photo editing and Collage maker, where you have control and can be as creative as you like. You can make basic banners using just one picture or create a collage grouping showing off your baking, business or family photos.

I know there are other photo editing programs out there like Adobe Illustrator and I tried my hand at that one year’s ago, it was just too technical for me. Many people use that one for their business in creating products for sale as you find on Etsy, calendars, labels, planner downloads.  I needed a program that was easy to learn in one setting and get to work. As in the picture below, I learned how to make this collage in minutes. Especially if you have used one of the other photo editing programs this one just has some newer options that really will make your banners, graphics stand out.

Fotor is offering my readers a 20% discount code for you: B535D2, and it will expire on 1, Apr
Just click on any of the links to signup and use the discount code!!

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Fotor is offering my readers a  20% discount code for you: B535D2, and it will expire on April 1st 

Create Touching Photo Montages Online In Few Clicks!

Fotor Pro can be used both online and Windows Fotor Pro can be used both online and Windows
Fotor is offering my readers a 20% discount code for you: B535D2, and it will expire on 1, Apr
Just click on any of the links to signup and use the discount code!!
Here is a screenshot of the different options you can choose from:
Fotor Features

They have templates for all social media so you don’t have to guess the size to make a banner for Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest covers. YouTube, Etsy. Making cards, certificates, book covers, etc., the list goes on.  Including all holidays for use in creating your banners for social media.  Then you don’t have to guess. You will see examples within the program. Fotor Banner Options For Social Media 

The options are unlimited and are only limited to your creativity! And with the Fotor Editing Program, it can make
all the difference in blog posts and share online! Update banners in your older posts to give them a fresh look.

You can signup For Free and Upgrade Anytime.  Best free online photo editor, collage maker and designer!

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Landscape Project Management Software

How to Pick Landscape Construction Project Management Software

Landscape construction project management software is a program that helps the landscape designers, architects, and gardeners for development and designing of gardens and landscapes. They also help them to manage all the activities related to the design of landscape projects.

However, choosing the right landscape software is essential for any professional for a better career. A landscape project management software should be easy to use and within your budget. This post shares some tips to choose the best landscape construction project management software. How to Pick Landscape Construction Project Management Software


The first step in choosing a project management software is to know what you want from it. In case you want to work on a landscape construction project, you need to choose a program considering the output of your landscape project. The output can be the two-dimensional view, 3D rendering, color rendered pan view, full material take-off and estimation.

Also, it is essential to consider the way you are going to present the landscape project before your client. You can select a landscape construction project management software that allows you to present the plan easily. Moreover, it should make the project details easy to understand for the end client.

Ease of Use

Most builders and contractors consider the ease of use while choosing the best project management software for general construction. Similarly, it is essential to consider the easiness and simplicity of use before investing in any landscape project management software.

Every software has a learning curve which means the time users take to learn using it. Every user takes different time to learn the use of project management software in the construction industry. It is essential to choose a software that is easy to learn and use.

Moreover, you also need to consider if there is any training available for the software you want to use. Some software comes with a training tutorial while some offer the tutorials on their online portals. It is better to pick a tool that is easy to use and for which some kind of training is available. For example, Auto CAD offers training at some local community colleges.

Price of the Software

Cost is a crucial factor that you need to consider before buying any construction development project management software. Every landscape construction engineer or designer needs to estimate the yearly price of a software program before using it. One needs to consider the cost of monthly subscription as well as the annual plans.

Features of the Software

Users need to spend some time to identify the exact requirements of the project and the features required from a software program to fulfill those requirements.  Sometimes the users pay for the features of the software that are not relevant to the needs of the project. It is essential to check the functions of project management software to determine whether they are relevant to most of your projects.

The complexity of the project

The complexity of the project should also be taken into consideration before selecting any industrial construction project management software. If you are going to work on a large project that may take months to complete and involves many complex tasks, you need robust software with all such features that meet your requirements.

Product Scalability

The scalability of a product is always a factor to consider as the requirements of landscape construction are changing continuously. Therefore the project management software that is useful today may not be of much use tomorrow. It is better to look for a tool that offers customized solutions for multiple requirements of a project. Choose a program that allows using it even if you scale up your project requirements.

Evaluate the service levels

It is essential to evaluate all the service levels of a product before buying it for your landscape project management. Check what the company offers in a program and the additional features available on an extra cost. Sometimes the cost of extra features can add up to so quickly that it can turn an affordable solution into an expensive product.

Availability of trial offers

Many project management software companies offer trial packs to check the features and usability of their product. Using a free trial pack provides you the opportunity and time to review the features, quality, and usability of a program. If you like the trial pack, you can consider buying a paid version of the software to enjoy its premium features.

Final Words

These are the tips to choose the right construction project management software that can suit and fulfill your requirements. Any landscape designer, engineer or company need to spend significant time on research to go through the available options that can meet their requirements. Considering the factors in this post can help any individual or company to pick the right project management tool for their business.
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How To Use Animoto To Create Digital Videos

If you had a better way to promote your brand or product would you be interested?
I have a few suggestions you can use Animoto to create videos to share with your customers and it’s easier than you seem to think.

  • You can actually use Animoto to transform memories into digital videos for marketing
  • You can use Animoto to for marketing and branding in just a few minutes with easy videos
  • You can download them to save and share

One of the unique things about using videos on your blog and particularity on Facebook. Facebook users are spending millions of hours watching videos so why not use Animoto to create some fun videos that outline your brand, service or products to market.

Getting started can be a daunting task but with Animoto you can create a video in a very short period of time.

Here is step by step to get you started:
1. Visit Animoto
2. Create an account for Free
4. Choose create
5. Follow step by step instructions on screen

You can upload current videos, add text or you can create a video using your photos into stylized videos. And there are already templates you can choose from for your creations.

Creations Using Animoto

Animoto subscribers have access to a surplus of video clips and images at no additional cost
 Make great videos. Easily.

You might ask why use videos:
It is a great way to grab the attention of viewers with short digital videos with your message. They can be inserted into blog posts, shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Stand Out On Social Media

Not only can you use these digital videos for promoting the business you can also use them in classrooms for discussions or to share a past event. Using Animoto you can preserve memories of family events say for from holidays, weddings or kids birthdays.

How Long Are Videos: You might ask how long can these videos be, well from 10 to 20 seconds. And you have the opportunity to edit your videos. With the premium upgrade you can create longer digital videos.

Marketing: And back to marketing and sharing, your video can be saved to your “camera roll” to share on Instagram and to Facebook.

Animoto Phone App: On another note, Animoto has a phone App you can use to create but digital videos on the go to access pictures you have stored to that you on your phone.

Learn About Cloud Video EditingThere are many video applications available

Right now and until Oct 31st customers get a 15% off discount on annual business and professional plans using (15STOCKLAUNCH) code when signing up.
Make a video with Getty stock!

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