How to Find the Right Care for an Aging Parent

Caring for an elderly parent can be a challenging time. Whether you’re the only child or one of many siblings, some of the duty will likely pass to you. The more they age, the more Mom or Dad will need some outside care. When it comes to giving them the assistance they need, you have several options. Consider a few of these ways of getting healthcare for an aging parent. How to Find the Right Care for an Aging Parent
Before 24/7 care becomes necessary, your parent will likely need help with a few of their monthly health needs. Once your parent is no longer able to drive, he or she may need you to drive him or her to check-ups and special clinic visits. You’ll also want to assist your parent in watching for warning signs. Encourage a visit to a podiatrist to help prevent falls and a hearing care center if hearing starts to decline.

Becoming a Caretaker
Children can often be paid to care for an aging parent. Depending on your circumstances, you could receive a government salary for becoming your parent’s caretaker. While you’ll want to carefully weigh whether this is the best choice for both you and your parent, if your relationship with Mom or Dad is solid, having your loved one under your care could be the best thing for both of you. You won’t slack off, you won’t be unkind, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your parent’s care is being properly performed.

In-Home Care
A fairly new option for aging parents, an in-home nurse can visit your parent on a 24/7 or uniquely-arranged schedule. A CNA will provide your parent with care on-par with a nursing home, but in your parent’s own house instead. A great option for parents who are still a little mobile, or parents who strongly wish not to leave their house, an in-home caretaker can provide your parent with flexible care. Since the in-home care industry is relatively new, you’ll want to carefully screen any agency you work with and have your parent keep you up-to-date on the quality of care he or she is receiving.

Assisted Living
Still one of the best ways to care for an aging parent, an assisted living facility provides group activities, 24/7 care, regular meals, and anything else your parent might need in these later years. When choosing the right assisted living for Mom or Dad, try to get a sense of how the residents are treated. You could even offer to volunteer for a week or two, to get a better sense of how the home is run when family isn’t near. While some assisted living centers should be avoided, most provide 24/7 respect and best-quality care. Like this beautiful assisted living in Swartz Creek, MI, you can find the perfect place for Mom or Dad to call home.

While it can be stressful, taking care of an aging parent doesn’t have to be painful. Lean on the shoulders of clinics and healthcare professionals as you get the best proper care for your Mom or Dad. Together, you can make sure your parents enjoys the best that older age has to offer.
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