Padlock Small Gucci Signature Top Handle Bag

Would you pay the high price of a Gucci Bag

From sweet-smelling perfumes to clothes to bags, Gucci has never disappointed us when it comes to both, quality and fashion. They’ve been on top of their game ever since their launch and have successfully launched a men’s and children’s section too. However, the high price makes owning any of Gucci’s items, undeniably, a dream for all the fashionistas out there. Just Gucci’s name is enough to make any fashionista go crazy and get excited with joy. Padlock Small Gucci Signature Top Handle Bag

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Once again, Gucci has blessed us with yet another wonderful creation, the Paddle Small Gucci Signature Top Handle Bag. This handle bag is exceptionally classy and stunning, priced at $2,500. The bag is available in black color and has the dimensions 11 inches by 7.5 inches by 4.5 inches. It’s a relatively small and easy-to-carry bag.

The exterior is made of black textured leather. The padlock is made of golden-colored metal and can be opened by a key. At the back of the exterior, there is an open leather pocket, where you can safely keep the key of the padlock.

The interior of the bag is lined by microfibers and has a suede-like appearance. The interior has two pockets, one is lined by a zip while the other is a smartphone pocket, open from the top.Padlock Small Gucci Signature Top Handle Bag-2

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You can carry the bag in two ways, by either using the shoulder strap or the handle. The shoulder strap is detachable and allows for a drop of 22 inches, while the handle is fixed and allows for a drop of 3 inches.

The best thing about the bag is that it is compatible with a wide variety of outfits owing to its black color. You can wear it to all kinds of events, whether formal or casual. The bag redefines class because it has a structure similar to a mini-briefcase and briefcases are very classy too.

There are three other similar variations to the bag, a red Padlock Gucci Signature Top Handle Bag, a Padlock Small GG Top Handle Bag, and fabulous Gucci Signature Padlock Medium Shoulder Bag.

Taylor Swift and Celine Dion are a few of the celebrities that were spotted carrying this classy Padlock Small Gucci Signature Top Handle Bag.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Gucci outlet and purchase this incredibly elegant and sophisticated bag before it runs out of stock! If you do not have any Gucci outlet near your place, you can also purchase it online through Gucci’s official website.

Online shopping can be done by residents of the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Europe, Japan, Australia, and Korea.

Trust me, this bag is one you should not be missing out on. Both fashion and quality are guaranteed with the purchase of this bag! The only possible drawback to it is the price. However, it’s going to last a lifetime so if you look at it this way, the investment is definitely worth it.

Think about it, you’ll be carrying the same bag as Taylor Swift and Celine Dion!

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