Top Three Reasons to Rent a Vacation Home

Rent-a-beach-house-for-your-next-vacationAs the weather gets warmer, people who have spent a long winter working indoors begin looking forward to their summer break. After deciding your destination, the first step toward planning a trip is finding somewhere to stay. Instead of hotels, more and more people are opting to rent real homes for their vacations, and with good reason.

A True Money-Saver

The recent rental boom comes as travelers learn the hidden costs of hotel stays. Not only is there the nightly price of a room, or several depending on the size of your family, but also all the add-ons. Doing laundry, using the internet, or watching a movie all cost extra. These small fees can really stack up by the end of your stay, not counting all your restaurant bills.

Since vacation home rentals Newport Beach CA mainly charge per week, their up-front price tags distract tourists from their budgetary benefits. Most vacation properties have room for a whole family or group of friends. This commonly includes a full kitchen, standard washer-dryer setup and many more amenities. With costs shared among several people, plus all you’ll save by not eating out, renting is a smart way to get more space for less money.

A Home Away From Homea-home-away-from-home

Having all this luxury at your disposal is only half the equation. The rest is in how you use it. You can take a midnight swim, sleep in without worrying about housekeeping, and generally be as messy as you like, as long as you clean up before you leave. Indeed, it’s expected you’ll take advantage of everything on offer.Furnished-vacation-bedroom

In a furnished house with several bedrooms, visitors can fully unpack their suitcases and relax. Meanwhile, common areas feature first-rate entertainment options, including big-screen TVs, DVD players, game systems, pool tables and so on. Superior rental properties have diversions to occupy all occupants, even kids, for the length of their stay.

Better for Bonding

Family vacations are where lifelong memories are made. Rental homes are often located in residential neighborhoods or remote areas where large hotels are unwelcome or unavailable. Greater privacy can promote family fun.

Cooking, playing games, planning activities or just exploring new places in one another’s company can bring families closer together. Now that smartphones are the norm, it’s easy to record experiences everyone can recall fondly for years to come. With a positive attitude, the possibilities are endless for making memorable moments.

With these ideas, consider having a house of your own on your next vacation. Liberating yourself from hotel living lets you get the most from your holiday with no regrets.

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