Best Ways on How to Cook Your Favorite Steak

The taste of a perfectly cooked steak is unbeatable. Whether you prefer filet mignon, top sirloin, or any other cut bought with a discount code, when a steak is properly cooked its flavor is at its peak. However, a steak that’s not well made can be tough, dry, or have an unappealing texture due to being way undercooked.

To make the perfect steak, you need to have the appropriate equipment, and having the right gear can make the steak that you are trying to cook unforgettable. The right grill can change the way you look at cooking and can also improve the taste of all the food that you prepare, for instance, an electric grill guide from will provide you with all the information you need to know if you want help finding the perfect grill that can fit your all-purpose kitchen. Meat is a vital part of our diets, and we should be allowed to enjoy all the tastes that it has to offer by grilling it!–

Get prepared

Steak cooks best when it’s at room temperature. Take the meat out of the fridge and let it sit at room temperature for one hour before you cook it. During this time, prepare your seasonings and get your space ready to make the steak. A good quality steak needs little else than a sprinkling of salt and cracked black pepper, but some people prefer to add minced garlic, crushed pepper flakes, or other spices. Less is more here, as the simpler the seasoning the more the flavor of the meat will come through.

Another key component of preparing to cook a great steak is using a hot pan or grill. You want to sear the outside of the meat to make a crust, which is what will help seal in the juices and give the steak a wonderful taste. To cook your steak in a pan, preheat it over medium-high heat for at least 10 minutes. It’s best to use a cast iron, stainless steel, or good quality non-stick pan to cook the meat. Best-Ways-on-How-to-Cook-Your-Favorite-Steak

Start Cooking

After the meat has rested and your pan is well heated, season the steak to your liking. Lightly rub it with olive oil and then put the spices on both sides of the meat. Using sturdy tongs, place the steak in the center of your pan and allow it to sear. Turn the steak to the other side after a minute, and repeat the turning process every minute thereafter. You’ll want to do this for a total of six minutes. Continuing to turn the steak during cooking helps it cook evenly over the high heat.

Adding Flavor

If you like the taste of garlic in your steak but don’t want to use garlic powder or minced garlic — which tends to burn once it comes in contact with the super-hot pan — cut open a clove of garlic and carefully rub it over the steak each time you turn it. This will impart garlic flavor without your steak being covered in burnt bits. Another way to give the steak flavor is to rub it with butter every turn or butter that’s infused with herbs. To add herbs that are not incorporated into the butter, wait until the steak’s final two turns and then sprinkle the herbs on top of each side. Adding herbs before this point could result in them getting burnt.

After your steak is done cooking, help the meat retain its juices by allowing it to rest before cutting it. Take the meat off the heat, rub it with a bit of plain or herbed butter or olive oil, and let it sit on a warmed plate for about 10 minutes. A steak cooked this way can be enjoyed with any side dishes and can also easily stand alone with no other accompaniments. Try this method the next time you make a steak and it’ll become your favorite way to cook meat.
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