5 Secrets to Creating Beautiful Meals at Home

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5 Secrets to Creating Beautiful Meals at Home
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So, you’ve mastered the art of cooking the perfect egg and defining “al dente” with your pasta dishes, but what are some other tricks you can learn and put up your chef’s sleeve? With these five secrets, you can take your cooking game to a new level that will have the guests at your next dinner party raving.

The Right Equipment

Is your ancient cookware slowing you down? It may be time to retire those pots you were gifted on your way to college and invest in the finest cookware. Some nonstick pans are susceptible to scratches, which can expose the good to potentially harmful chemicals below the cooking surface, so be on the lookout for imperfections before preparing any meal. Whether it be a new set of pans or the latest technology you seek, any upgrade can bring the excitement back to cooking. With the latest tools in your kitchen, you can be sure you will always have the right piece for the job, resulting in perfectly delicious, home-cooked meals every time.

Sous Vide

Take a step into the kitchen of the future with Sous Vide. This method of cooking is performed by placing your ingredients and herbs in a plastic bag and dropping them into a water bath heated by an immersion circulator you can control with an app on your phone. Your meats, vegetables, or eggs evenly cook to perfection without losing any of the natural tastes and aromas in the process. It can even simplify Thanksgiving dinner with a turkey that will never come out too dry.

Freeze Commonly Used Ingredients

How many times have you opened a bottle of wine to use in a recipe only to need a few tablespoons and having to discard the rest once it’s turned to vinegar? Try freezing it instead in an ice tray. One ice cube is equivalent to about two tablespoons that you can easily throw into soups, stews, or other dishes straight from the freezer. Even bread dough and homemade pasta can be frozen, so you always have readily prepared ingredients to complete delectable dishes without wait time on a weeknight.

Explore Your Spices

One Saturday afternoon, open your spice cabinet and explore what is there. Take each jar out and smell the aromas they offer. Try mixing different smells and tastes to see what new combinations you may want to experiment with. Take notes of what works to use later in your meals. By mastering the art of seasoning and spicing, you can confidently prepare homemade meals at home that will dazzle your family and friends. Need to shop, try ebates for great discounts

Don’t Be Afraid of Salt

Speaking of seasoning, one kitchen cabinet dweller that gets a seriously bad rap is salt. We have been trained to fear it because it can lead to issues such as high blood pressure and heart failure. It is important to note that 65% of our sodium intake comes from pre-prepared items purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores and 25% from restaurants. If you are cooking all your meals at home and know what ingredients are in the foods you eat regularly, you shouldn’t fear overconsumption of sodium. In fact, salt is essential in the kitchen and helps enhance the taste of food by reducing bitterness, highlighting sweet and savory flavors, and increases the aromas already present in the ingredients. Just like everything in life, use it in moderation.

If you are ready to spice up your food life, go ahead and give these tricks a try. They may just offer the secret that brings the improvement you’ve been seeking on the plate.
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