Blogging Identity : Expectations vs. Reality

Blogging-Identity-Expectations-vs-RealityWith so many writers out there, it is no surprise that there are millions of blogs available online. Blogging can be fun and will get you the exposure you are looking for. There are people who choose to hide their identities in anonymous blogs. While they have their benefits, not all bloggers need to have anonymous blogs. Here are some reasons why you may not need an anonymous blog.

  1. Legal issues

For some, having an anonymous blog protects them from being held liable for their posts. If you want to use your blog to bully or slander others, you are better off not doing it at all. You will enjoy the benefits of being on an anonymous blog but it’s only a matter of time before the anonymous tools used become outdated and your identity is revealed. What happens next is that you will be held responsible for all the things you wrote in your blog.

  1. You want to spread lies Are-there-bloggers-that-want-to-just-write-lies.

People read blogs so they can get entertained, get informed or learn more about what other people are going through. If you want to spread lies to other people through your blog, then you should not get an anonymous blog. Spreading lies will have a larger effect online as people will share the information you post. You will lose your credibility if your audience realizes that you are misinforming them.

  1. You cannot handle having your identity discovered

There are several reasons for you to start an anonymous blog. Even if your subject is not sensitive or controversial, you hide your identity for a reason. If you are an introvert who values privacy, you will not want to risk having your identity revealed. For this reason, you should not want to have an anonymous blog if you cannot handle being outed.

  1. You cannot handle criticismDo-bloggers-hide-their-identity-because-they-do-not-want-criticism

The greatest thing about a blog is connecting with your readers and has discussions with them. Not everyone will agree with what you say. There are some who will criticize your work. You need to be able to accept and respond to what your readers throw at you. There are people who enjoy causing drama since their identities are hidden. You need to have thick skin so you can react properly to what is said in the discussions. If you do not respond well to criticism, you should not be a blogger in the first place.

  1. You don’t have the time

To run a successful blog, you need to have time to write and post regularly for your readers. If you have a busy lifestyle, adding a blog to the mix will only complicate things for you. You will not have time to create and post content. There is no need to start a project if you do not have time to invest in it. You will end up stretching yourself too thin and this will have a negative impact on your life.

  1. The subject is harmless

This depends on your audience. You can find that the topic you want to discuss is not sensitive or controversial. If you will not offend or segregate a section of your audience with your work, you can blog freely without using an anonymous persona.

  1. You want to boost your reputation

You might find your blog dealing with something that is not related to the work you do. That does not mean that your blog has to be anonymous. You can find yourself boosting your reputation through your blog. Depending on your niche, your blog might end up being something you can brag about. Being anonymous will only hide your talent that you should be showcasing to the world.

  1. The content is not that important to you 

One requirement for any blogger is to have a passion for what they are blogging about. That is the only way you will enjoy blogging even if it is anonymously. If you want to write something to inform people but are not passionate about it, there are different ways you can do this. You can create content for a specific audience and send it to them. For security purposes, you can password-protect the content and send the logins with the intended audience.
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Find Related Images with Reverse Image Search!

Find-Related-Images-with-Reverse-Image-SearchIf you are not familiar with the concept of reverse image search, then you should probably know that this is a very unique and cool one! Once you start using the reverse image search tools, you will surely get obsessed with them! Although this concept was introduced a couple of years ago, it is still new and fresh in the eyes of the web-users, and this is because of the reason of unawareness about the use of the tool! The use of the tool will help you out no matter if you are a businessman, researcher, content creator or even a marketer or a completely normal person!

You must have heard about the reverse image search engines by Google, Yahoo and Bing reverse image search! Well, these search engines are the best ones because of their vast database and search results! With the help of these tools, you can get a lot of information about the image which includes the details of its size, shape, quality, related images, text on image, age of the image, owner of the image, the use of the image on different websites and also about the rights to copy and use the image! Well, this is a lot of useful information which you cannot find with the keyword search mantra for the image! But there is one disadvantage, and that is the search image engines save the images in their database!

Search Images with The Help of the SmallSEOtools.Com

So because of the above-mentioned disadvantage of the tool, people avoided using the search engines as it breached their personal or official images! Now here we have gathered some information about a tool that is both secure and reliable in terms of the image search catfish! We would like you guys to know that with the help of this amazing platform you can get all the information that you need along with securing your data for sure!

The use of the reverse photo lookup tool by the small SEO tools is very easy, and you don’t have to worry about the use of the tool at all! To search for an image with the tool you have to first register yourself with the small SEO tools using your email address and then log in with the same address to get the free and unlimited services of the tool! You don’t have to worry about the registration as it will not cost you anything, and it is quite simple and understandable!

Now you should know that when you register yourself, you have to simply navigate the search image tool by the SST and start uploading your images! well, you should know that when you open up the tool, a window opens up having a big white text box in it with the icon of two images inside it! Now you should know that clicking on these images you can simply upload the images from your gallery plus you should also know that you can search images by the help of entering the URL of the images! you can also directly give out the path of an image available on google drive or Dropbox!

Some important features of the search image tool include that it can simply accept any image format, including PDF! You should also know that there is no limit to the use of the tool and so you should know that the search results of the image can be filtered! Yes, you can easily filter the search results and only can the results that you want to see! In this way, you can easily avoid all the extra and not useful search results to pop-up! This is a very well-reputed and reliable tool and we will recommend you guys to use it to get the best reverse search image experience!

Search Image with Your Mobile Phones Using SST!

Now you should also know that out of the total population on the earth that are using internet connections and is surfing the web on a daily basis, more than 70 percent of them are using internet on their mobile phone, and that is why we have given you the best tool that will help you in searching images and details about them on both your desktop and your mobile phone may it be android or iPhone!

The working procedure of the small SEO tools on a mobile phone is quite simple plus it is very easy to use because of the simple interface of the platform! You can follow the same registration procedure, or you can simply log in if you already have an account! You should know that you can directly paste and upload the images using the gallery of your mobile phone and the upload button! So don’t waste your time and start searching images with the help of this amazing reverse image search tool by SST!
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Is Content Important for Lead Conversion?

How-To-Get-Your-Content-To-ConvertYou are a dentist, and you’re good at your job. You probably also love having your own dental practice. You want your practice to grow, and you want potential dental customers to always find their way to your door. 

There are many ways to get people into the dentist’s chair. You could use traditional advertising, such as television, radio, signs, flyers, billboards, and mailings. There is nothing wrong with these methods, and they have worked in the past. However, many of today’s dental customers find services online. 

Potential dental customers will likely use their phones or computer to perform a quick search for a local dentist. They will find one nearby, check the reviews, glance at the website, and make a call. That’s how the majority of dentists are found these days. 

What does that mean for you and your business? It means that you must have an online presence in order to get customers to your chair.
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Creating a Website

Does that mean you simply need to create a website, slap some content on it, and call it a day? No, that’s not likely going to work for you. If you want to show up in a Google search or in the maps rankings, you will have to put in a little more effort than that. More than likely, you will actually have to use some dentist SEO strategies to get your website to rank.

The Role of Content in Getting a Website to Rank

Content is the writing that appears on your website and landing pages. This content is important in getting your website to rank and in getting your site visitors to convert into actual customers.

First, the content will need to be optimized to ensure that search engines understand what your website is all about.

You don’t want searchers who are looking for dental information to find your site. You want searchers who are looking for a dentist to find your site. Better still, you want to make sure that only people who live near your dental practice are finding your site. That’s because these are the people who will be most likely to use your services.

For this reason, your content will need to be optimized accordingly.

Consider Flyers
A good distributor will know how to properly give your leaflets and flyers to the target audience. In the end, good distribution is the hardest part of the leaflet promotional campaign!

Getting Your Content to Convert

Okay, great. Now you are appearing in search results like you want to, but people are landing on your web pages and then leaving! What are you doing wrong? Your content is not converting your visitors into leads. Maybe you aren’t selling them your services. Maybe the content doesn’t explain what kind of dentist you are. 

If someone is looking for a filling but you don’t provide fillings, you want your content to explain that. It should have a list of services you provide, for instance. If you don’t say that you provide fillings, some visitors might leave your site because they’re unsure if you can help them. They want to be sure that you can help them before they pick up the phone and call you.

Web content is imperative to converting leads, so make sure yours is working for you.
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As A Blogger Express Yourself: The Market Is Never Too Saturated

As-A-Blogger-Express-Yourself-The-Market-Is-Never-Too-Saturated.Turning your hobby into a career can be one of the most enriching experiences ever. Who wouldn’t want to make money off of their passion? Unfortunately, many of us give up before we even try. It feels like everyone is doing what you’re doing, and there’s no room for you to prosper.

What if we told you that you don’t have to throw away your dreams just because you weren’t the first person to come up with it. Other bloggers inspired you, so why would you deprive yourself of inspiring others yourself?

Sure, entering a market that has so many competitors can be discouraging, but there’s no actual reason to stop there. Go to a store, and look at any aisle – like toothpaste, for example.

There, you’ll find DOZENS of different brands, all providing the same product. How are they able to compete with each other? Simple, they made room for themselves. There is still a way to succeed in doing what you love the most, no matter how many competitors there are in the market.

Change Your Mindset

When you see that your niche is over-saturated, are you telling yourself that because you want to stand out, or are you making an excuse? It’s easy to shift the blame on something that you have no control over, but what can you do about it on your end?

Have you thought of a strategy or something that will help you make yours better? Think about what you can to make it work in your favor, and forget what everyone else is doing, regardless of whether they’re doing the same thing as you (or better). Have-you-thought-of-a-strategy-or-something-that-will-help-you-make-your-market-techniques-better

Differentiate Your Blog

According to Brain Box Labs, business owners understand the role of a well-designed website. Instead of using the same aesthetic as someone else, invest in having yours as personalized as possible. Just because you’re in the same niche, doesn’t mean you have to use the same style.

Also, the reason why there are hundreds of different blogs in the same niche is that no two are the same. Every time a new car or clothing line is released, it always aims to have a little something different than the rest. Help yours stand out by giving it a personal touch.

Here’s an example of an over-saturated niche; let’s say you have a travel blog. At this point,  everyone and their mamas have a travel blog – the search engines are jammed up with them. To add your unique flair to mix, think of other interests that are paired with your trips.

Pair the reason why you travel or other hobbies with your current niche. If you are a yoga lover, you can attend yoga classes from around the world. Or, if you are a beer lover, you can document the different kinds along your journey. Pick something apart from your main niche, and give it an intriguing twist.

Look for Opportunities Everywhere

With change comes more opportunity to give yourself an edge over already established blogs. If the market you are in is saturated, it means there’s a high demand for it. It’s a matter of being the one to dare to think outside of the box.

Plus, if you’re starting, you have more leeway to figure out how your audience responds to your content without the risk of losing traffic. A lot of times, other bloggers may be missing out because they’re too afraid of breaking out of the mold they have created within their website.

Look at what your favorite bloggers do, take note of what you most enjoy about them, and what you wish they could change. Your blog is a summary of all the things that you enjoy, but a new and improved version of it. This project is yours to sculpt into how you think it should be done.

Celebrate What Makes You, You

No matter how crowded your industry is, you can find your place in it. Offer your genuine perspective or something you wish you could have seen more in your field. By being un-apologetically you, you can carve a niche in an already saturated market. Audiences love authenticity, and your creativity and passions will express yours. Besides, who else is better at being you than you?
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