5 Awesome WordPress plugins to amplify your SEO

5 Awesome WordPress Plugins To Amplify your SEOThe online SERP tracker remains a highly reliable tool for matters SEO in pursuit of a website getting to the first page of the search engine results. With a lot to keep your mind occupied, sites like WordPress are slowly taking over the internet because of the increasing need for people to share content with their peers, and gradually, a larger audience.

What most WordPress users are unaware about is that it is not enough to create a WordPress account and expect your great content to make you highly visible, at least not without the use of extra help from plugins. Quite in luck, this article sheds light on 5 amazing WordPress plugins you can install to amplify your SEO:


This is arguably the best SEO plugin for WordPress, and the best news is that it is free. This plugin allows a user to gather actionable insights on how to optimize on-page that is covering aspects of the content structure. This tool conveniently pinpoints prime spots where you can use your keywords, i.e.  on the title, headings, and Meta descriptions strategically spread out within your content.

The plugin also ensures that your content is optimized as far as readability is concerned, and that your images are optimized properly capitalizing on the primary keywords for alt texts, descriptions and captions. This plugin occasionally gives you actionable suggestions on how you can improve your SEO score on search engines.

With Yoast, you get a great package that will serve you as matters page analysis and even XML sitemaps functionality.

All in One SEO Pack

This is another yet popular plugin, and as suggested in its name, it caters for all your SEO needs, specifically on-site. Largely, the All in One SEO pack comes with a similar set box as Yoast and has been considered an equal alternative for users, although this plugin is much easier to use, with an interface that allows users to operate on a single page-view.

This plugin is easy to use so that new WordPress users can conveniently get started on their optimization journey, especially for the fact that it allows for automatic optimization of page and content titles for all the work on your site, and automated generation of Meta tags featuring your primary keywords relevant to your content.

Broken link checker

With the understanding that links are what hold the internet together, it is important that your site is completely free from broken links. This plugin simply analyses your site for broken links as suggested in its name.

Nothing is distasteful to search engines like broken links, simply because it greatly impacts the user experience for your website, which is a major point of interest for site engines. If your content has missing images, generates 404-page errors or contains links to content that were brought down, this plugin alerts you so you can fix them.

To give your audience the best user experience, ensure that your links are not broken so that they are not undeservingly frustrated when it can be avoided.

Google XML Sitemaps

Generally, a Sitemap is an XML file that lists all the URLs or rather web pages of your site, one which can easily be submitted to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It is however important that you work closely with Google affiliated plugins that will position your website for better indexing on Google search engine.

The Google XML Sitemaps plugin generates sitemaps automatically for your site, making it easy for Google to crawl your site for indexing. The best part about this plugin is that a lot of its services are automatic, so that, once you have customized the automatically generated sitemap to your liking, you can sit tight and let the plugin do the rest of the managerial and monitoring task for your XML Sitemaps.

Google analytics – by MonsterInsights

Like how Google Analytics is useful on its own, the MonsterInsight WordPress plugin is important for the same reasons. This plugin reviews your site analyzing your data from the WordPress dashboard, giving you all the analytical reports you need.

The plugin is especially useful for analyzing traffic sources and their activity on your site, and can also be used to analyze the type of content that is getting more attention on your site than others.

Other than having to use Google Analytics off-site, you can conveniently utilize the services from your WordPress site. Ensure you take advantage of the analytical insights from the plugin to improve your site and target your content to yield nearly as many results as the highly consumed content on your site.

Tip: you can also check how your site is performing on Google in comparison to other WordPress sites, better still, filtering out results to local entries.

Overall, there is so much to be grateful for in the world of SEO, more importantly, for WordPress sites, since it is evidently possible to install plugins that can help you bring the best out of your site.

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