4 Tips to Turn Your Backyard Into a Posh Retreat

…You deserve a backyard that’s beautiful, relaxing, secure and chic. Taking on a project like a yard remodel may seem daunting, but there are steps you can take to get toward that dream lawn. Here’s how to get started. 4-Tips-to-Turn-Your-Backyard-Into-a-Posh-Retreat.

Design a Pathway

Walkways are a beautiful way to set the tone of your landscaping. Besides looking great, they can drive attention to the focal point of your yard, mark a clear path through a garden or just welcome guests to explore. Before you get started, decide on the main purpose of your walkway and the material you think would best suit the vibe of your yard. With a quick online search, you may even be able to get started on your own. Remember to add a feature or two along the path, such as a bench, to make it even more special.

Design a pathway and include a bench
Design a pathway and include a bench

Add Entertainment

If you are truly making your backyard an extension of your home, it’s only natural that it will have areas in which to entertain. Outfitting your yard with speakers is a great way to bring ambiance to your yard. Distributing them around the area allows you to bring your favorite tunes to the outdoors, upping your enjoyment of the area even more. Plus, they can come in handy if you want to push your entertaining even further with an outdoor movie screen and projector.

Create an outdoor projection screen for family movies
Source: Pinterest Create an outdoor projection screen for family movies

Make It Comfortable

You can’t relax in your beautiful backyard if you don’t have a comfortable place to sit. Ensure that you have seats for guests, like an outdoor sofa set or dining area, but don’t forget to have a special area just for you. Like to read? Create your personal reading nook with a cozy hammock chair. Need to protect yourself from the sun? Make sure you have plenty of furniture in the shady areas of your lawn or add outdoor umbrellas. Think about your needs and those of your guests, and then plan out the furniture purchases. It’s worth the investment to have an area you can really appreciate.

Add a hammock for comfort in your backyard
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Stay Secure

Nothing will make you more comfortable in your backyard than having peace of mind that you and your family are secure. A security camera system can bring that to you. Lorex Technology offers solutions for homes and businesses that are as dependable as they are sleek. They won’t take away from the overall look and feel of your backyard oasis, while adding the benefit of added safety. With cameras that are motion activated and have night vision, you can rest assured that all the new features in your backyard oasis are guarded. Add a couple of motion-activated lights to feel even better.

The next time you step outside, envision how your perfect backyard would look and feel. You don’t have to do everything at once, so take your time to prioritize what matters most. With planning and hard work, you’ll have a stylish, comfortable and safe yard for you and your family.

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Landscape Project Management Software

How to Pick Landscape Construction Project Management Software

Landscape construction project management software is a program that helps the landscape designers, architects, and gardeners for development and designing of gardens and landscapes. They also help them to manage all the activities related to the design of landscape projects.

However, choosing the right landscape software is essential for any professional for a better career. A landscape project management software should be easy to use and within your budget. This post shares some tips to choose the best landscape construction project management software. How to Pick Landscape Construction Project Management Software


The first step in choosing a project management software is to know what you want from it. In case you want to work on a landscape construction project, you need to choose a program considering the output of your landscape project. The output can be the two-dimensional view, 3D rendering, color rendered pan view, full material take-off and estimation.

Also, it is essential to consider the way you are going to present the landscape project before your client. You can select a landscape construction project management software that allows you to present the plan easily. Moreover, it should make the project details easy to understand for the end client.

Ease of Use

Most builders and contractors consider the ease of use while choosing the best project management software for general construction. Similarly, it is essential to consider the easiness and simplicity of use before investing in any landscape project management software.

Every software has a learning curve which means the time users take to learn using it. Every user takes different time to learn the use of project management software in the construction industry. It is essential to choose a software that is easy to learn and use.

Moreover, you also need to consider if there is any training available for the software you want to use. Some software comes with a training tutorial while some offer the tutorials on their online portals. It is better to pick a tool that is easy to use and for which some kind of training is available. For example, Auto CAD offers training at some local community colleges.

Price of the Software

Cost is a crucial factor that you need to consider before buying any construction development project management software. Every landscape construction engineer or designer needs to estimate the yearly price of a software program before using it. One needs to consider the cost of monthly subscription as well as the annual plans.

Features of the Software

Users need to spend some time to identify the exact requirements of the project and the features required from a software program to fulfill those requirements.  Sometimes the users pay for the features of the software that are not relevant to the needs of the project. It is essential to check the functions of project management software to determine whether they are relevant to most of your projects.

The complexity of the project

The complexity of the project should also be taken into consideration before selecting any industrial construction project management software. If you are going to work on a large project that may take months to complete and involves many complex tasks, you need robust software with all such features that meet your requirements.

Product Scalability

The scalability of a product is always a factor to consider as the requirements of landscape construction are changing continuously. Therefore the project management software that is useful today may not be of much use tomorrow. It is better to look for a tool that offers customized solutions for multiple requirements of a project. Choose a program that allows using it even if you scale up your project requirements.

Evaluate the service levels

It is essential to evaluate all the service levels of a product before buying it for your landscape project management. Check what the company offers in a program and the additional features available on an extra cost. Sometimes the cost of extra features can add up to so quickly that it can turn an affordable solution into an expensive product.

Availability of trial offers

Many project management software companies offer trial packs to check the features and usability of their product. Using a free trial pack provides you the opportunity and time to review the features, quality, and usability of a program. If you like the trial pack, you can consider buying a paid version of the software to enjoy its premium features.

Final Words

These are the tips to choose the right construction project management software that can suit and fulfill your requirements. Any landscape designer, engineer or company need to spend significant time on research to go through the available options that can meet their requirements. Considering the factors in this post can help any individual or company to pick the right project management tool for their business.
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Beautify Your Garden Space
Six Ways To Renovate Your Backyard

Beautify Your Garden Space

For many people, the garden is just about the most important part of the home, especially in the warmer months. If you love your garden, but you want to try and improve it, the good news is  that there are always many ways in which you can do this. By finding some good ways to beautify the garden space, you will likely also improve the feeling and experience of the home as a whole, so this is something that is definitely worth considering if you want to. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the essential considerations for you to take on board if you are undergoing a project of this kind, so that you can be sure to make it work as well as possible, and end up with exactly the kind of garden that you have always dreamed of. Beauty For Your Garden Space

Image Source

Get Landscaping

Sometimes you need to really dig deep – literally – and change the lay of the land itself in order to make way for the improvements you want to see in your garden. If you have come to realize that there is nothing else for it, and this is what you need to do, then you will want to make sure that you get planning as to what you need to actually change in that respect. In all likelihood, this is not the kind of project you will want to undertake alone, unless you happen to be especially skilled in that area. Going with a firm like ABC Landscaping is much more likely to be beneficial and to provide the kind of results you want, so that is something you should consider instead. In either case, however you do it, you can be sure that landscaping the garden is often a great way to get the land to where you need it to be for whatever future projects you might have planned for it. It is much easier to beautify your garden if you are happy with the initial space itself before you even get going. Gazebo Against Trees

Image Source

Plot It Out

So many amateur gardeners do not achieve the looks they want for one clear reason: they are not really aware of the look they want. If you are a little hazy at all about what you are trying to achieve in your garden, it is unlikely that you will be able to manifest it in the garden space in any way that is likely to please you. You can therefore gain a huge advantage by sitting down and spending some time pouring over some paper, sketching out your ideas for what you want your garden to look like. By plotting it out in this way, you can be sure that you are going to be able to improve your garden space massively, and that you will have a clear idea of what it is that you are actually hoping to achieve. That alone is incredibly valuable, so make sure that you have thought about it as much as you can before you even get going on doing anything purely physical out in the garden itself.

Play With Colours

Arguably the most important element of all when you are trying to make a garden look more beautiful is the use of colours. Knowing how to use colours is something which you will find to be particularly useful in trying to achieve whatever kind of colour scheme you might find to be attractive personally. You will probably know this already, but it’s a different matter once you start trying to translate that into plants and flowers, and you might find that you need to spend a long time just looking through different plants before you can work it out. However, as long as you are playing around with colours, it is likely that you will be able to keep your garden looking as beautiful as possible, so this is definitely something to consider. Pink Petaled Flower during Daytime

Image Source

Allow Space

A lot of people find that they accidentally try to fill their garden up with too much stuff. This can at first seem like a good way to make it look its best, but actually the opposite is usually the case. If you have too much going on, it will be harder to look after, and you won’t end up with quite such a beautiful garden. But if you instead allow it to have plenty of space, you will find that it is much easier to maintain, and that it is therefore much more beautiful as well. This is a basic rule of thumb which you don’t want to overlook if you can help it.

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String Trimmers Explained

String Trimmers Or Weed-Whackers, They All Take Care Of The Same Job

Whether you call them string trimmers or weed eaters or weed whackers, they are all the same machines – edging and lawn trimmers. And, like anything else, buying them requires more than running into the store and plunking down the magic card. Best Brush Cutter and String Trimmers to Keep Your Yard Clean

Weed-Eater Buying Moments

String trimmer buying moments have a definite purpose. The purpose is the make sure you get the right one for the proper use.

What might the uses be? Of course, the applications are necessary yard cleanup and maintenance. However, there is also the occasional time when you have to go in and clean up massive clutter and wood. You do need a weed-eater for this.

If you only have a small patch of grass in your yard that requires cleanup, then other string trimmers will suit your purposes. And though it seems unlikely, there are more options for smaller yards than there are for big woody lots.

String Trimmers Explained

When you walk into the local garden center or home goods store, the first thing you are bound to notice is the variety of strimmers available. Let’s face it; there are so many sitting there that it can be very confusing. There are electric strimmers, gas-powered string trimmers, and string trimmer that combine other features such as a cutting blade.

Strimmers fall into three categories, based on price. They are:

  • $50 – This is the price range which features basic weed whackers. This is price range includes small, battery-powered and corded units. There might also be some gasoline-powered units available. However, you are more likely to find them in the next category. These string trimmers are for small lots and yards. Typically, these are places that also don’t require heavy-duty weed-eating capabilities. In their usage range, they are very effective.
  • $100-200 – This is the price range in which you will find your most extensive variety of strimmers.
    This range includes standard-sized units. You will see that not only are the string trimmers upgraded this range but so also are the power sources. You will notice that battery-powered versions use LI-on (Lithium-ion) batteries for the best.
  • $200 – This is the price range in which you will find heavy-duty string trimmers.
    By and large, you will see that these weed-whackers are gasoline-powered. Uses for these string trimmers include heavily overgrown and tree-covered lots. Since they are primarily gasoline-powered, you will find two- and four-stroke versions available.
  • Other – On the higher-end of the price range you will find specialized weed-whackers. They include the tricycle-style, heavy-duty brush cutter that are best suited for heavy brush and woody lots.

Pricing Is One, But There Are Other Considerations

Now that you have the styles of weed-eater and their pricing, there are other things to consider. For instance, let’s say you try to keep your costs down by purchasing the latest battery-powered lightweight. Is this the right matchup? The answer is probably not because you’ll find that it is too light for the job and in the relatively short-term you will probably find it ready for retirement. This is frustrating because if you had read our list of price points and tips, you would not have been replacing the string trimmer that soon.

Instead, our list shows that you should have bought a weed-eater in the second level because this is the one that will handle it.

Will it handle it in comfort? You do have to check this feature while you are still at the retailer because once you own it, well, you do own it. You should find that it is well balanced and that using it feels normal. Granted, you cannot start it up in the store, but, take it to a safe area and swing it the way you would in your yard. If it feels natural, like an extension of your arms, then it is right for you. Be sure, by the way; there’s a harness available that you can snap on that takes much of the weight off your arms. It’s an excellent addition.

Also, you should be sure that the weed-eater has an adjustable handle. You would be surprised how such a small convenience as an adjustable handle. Typically, the handles on higher-end string trimmers are adjustable. They slide up and down the shaft after being released. When you

have found a good fit for your left or right hand, you merely turn the close and latch the handle into place, and you are ready to begin working.

Some Feature Suggestions

While you are checking the trimmer, make sure that it has an adjustable head. If the head is adjustable from horizontal to vertical, then you have a double-edged tool, a strimmer and an edger all in one. One caution with flexible whip heads is that they must be secure – which they usually are – but it never hurts to check.

Here are some other buying tips:

  • Battery-powered trimmers should have lithium-ion power. These batteries last the longest and charge more quickly. Generally, you will find that they have about an hour’s worth of trimming time in them. This short-term power makes this type of trimmer ideal for small lots.
  • Gas-powered strimmers should have a start-assist feature. This feature is a spring-controlled. It takes the place of the rope that you need to start or restart the gas-trimmer. Another feature to think of is a choke-assist. This is usually a small bulb of gasoline that shoots the right load of fuel into the carburetor when you are starting.
  • One other nice feature on a gas-powered stream trimmer is an auto-stop button that shuts down the trimmer as soon as you hit it. It is a great safety feature.


Here’s where we suggest what you should buy, and we do have our recommendation. If you have a small lot, electric is the best way to go. A motor-driven unit doesn’t have the stamina of a functional battery unit. As to your purchase for a bigger yard, lot covered with trees and branches, the best buy is a gas-powered weed-eater.

Except for convenience, the type of power – two-stroke or four-stroke – is your preference (it’s the gas-oil mixing point). Be sure the head is adjustable, so you have an edger and weed-whacker. And, lastly, be sure the string feed is convenient. There is one type of trimmer that feeds out the trim string with a bounce on the ground; another has an automatic feed. Watch out for a trimmer that requires manual trim string replacement. Because it wears so quickly, you will find that you have to stop frequently to replace it.

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