Fashion and Function: The Perfect Beach Towel

Sand in your suit consistently ruins what would be a glamorous trip to the beach to relax in the sun and enjoy the water. You have a gorgeous swimsuit, a bronze tan…and sand in your pants.Fashion and Function: The Perfect Beach Towel

The solution? A sandless beach towel. Tesalate offers sand resistant technology, super absorbency, and quick drying, all in a stylish and compact package.


The Tesalate beach towel comes in a variety of styles and colors, one to match every swimsuit you have. You’ll be the most fashionable lady on the beach with gorgeous designs for every day.

It’s a full-size 63×31 inch towel, big enough to spread out and hold your entire body. You never have to touch the sand if you don’t want to, protecting you from discomfort and your other belongings from getting messy, too.


Despite all of this style, it’s practical, too! It has AbsorbLite engineering, repelling sand and making it easy to keep everything clean. It can absorb a litre of water, so if you do venture into the surf, you can dry your entire body and your other items efficiently.

It also dries in half the time that it takes a regular towel, so you won’t have to wait long when you’re ready to leave. As you pack up, your towel folds up into a lightweight and compact package, meaning you can carry it easily or throw it in your tote and go.

All of this convenience means you can also take this towel to the pool, yoga, or on your next holiday trip. Just fold it up and throw it in. It’ll be your best friend. Don’t ignore fashion for function. The Tesalate sandless beach towel has everything you need to achieve both.

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