Giving Thanks – 5 Ways to Ensure Your Clients Feel Appreciated This Thanksgiving

Giving-Thanks-5-Ways-to-Ensure-Your-Clients-Feel-Appreciated-This-Thanksgiving Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

Maintaining strong client relationships can help shape your reputation. They are, after all, the reason you are in business. That’s why it’s important that each customer, whether they are a repeat customer or newcomer, always feels appreciated during your interactions. The festive season can be a great time to give back to your customers. Here are four ideas on how to treat your patrons this Thanksgiving:

1. Seasonal Gifts 

In the personal and business world alike, generosity will never go unappreciated. Get into the festive spirit and show your gratitude by gifting your clients with some thoughtful, promotional products during Thanksgiving. You can tailor your approach according to your business. If you are a retailer or wholesaler, for example, surprise your favorite clients by including a wrapped present in their order. Being a season of sharing and gratitude, go for promotional gift items like a large hamper, sport or group-based game set, or a wine and cheese set that their whole team can enjoy together. 

2. Handwritten Cards 

Letter writing is a personal, classic and easy way to share a message of gratitude. If most of your work communications are sent via email and starting to feel robotic, this can be a great way to bring some authenticity back to your professional relationships. Make sure to customize each card to the client. 

You don’t need to write paragraphs when writing Thanksgiving cards for clients. Simply address them by their preferred name or title rather than their business name and include a personal Thank You for something specific. A card works as a thoughtful gesture on its own or as an accompaniment to a gift.

3. Special Offers For Long-Term Clients 

Reward your long-term or regular clients with additional discounts and special offers leading up to Thanksgiving. If this is a significant period for your industry (for example if you are a restaurant or other type of hospitality venue), then they will appreciate the gesture as it can allow them to treat their loved ones when the day comes. Just be sure to send your communications about these offers well in advance to allow time for bookings and don’t forget to let clients know if they call.

4. Host A Thank You Event

Give back to your clients and community by hosting a casual Thank You event in anticipation of Thanksgiving. This could be as simple as offering refreshments and snacks in your store or business over a day coupled with any of the above personal touches, to treating your clients to an after-work drinks event. You can also simultaneously make the event a charity drive, or keep a donation box in store so you can also give back to the community and those who need help the most.

5. Swap The Newsletter Marketing For A Seasonal Greeting

If you send out a newsletter, or any other form of marketing-based communications regularly to your clients, consider taking a break from the marketing jargon and crafting call-to-actions this Thanksgiving. Instead, choose a beautiful Thanksgiving-themed layout and write a message of gratitude to your clients. Here, you can also include notice of any other special discounts, gifts or events you are hosting during the festive period.

Always keep in mind that, showing gratitude to your customers should not be a one-off act during the holidays but rather a daily practice. Using any of these five ideas is a great way to go a little bit further in thanking your valued clients for choosing you.
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