9 Best Birthday Present Ideas For 1 Year Old Boy

Toddlers are curious in their growing years and tinker with many items and play. They have a natural ability to explore different things and learn from them. Choose from the birthday gift ideas for 1-year-old boy and let them have fun playing with the games and knick-knacks that you present to them. These are the awesome birthday present ideas for the one-year-old boy.9 Ideas For Baby Boys For Their Birthdays

Recommended gifts for 1-year-old boy

1. Anti-slip Colorful SocksA 6 pair of socks for the one year old boy

A 6 pair of socks for the one-year-old boy is a good birthday present to gift on his birthday. A perfect birthday gift for a one-year-old who has learned to walk. These socks will prevent the toddler from slipping and let them have a grip while walking. They come in different colors and motifs and can be worn with most of the garments,

2. Interactive Pet Dogelectronic pet dog toy

This is an electronic pet dog toy that makes all the dog sounds. It is battery operated and is of the design of a dalmatian dog. Kids will have a lot of fun playing with this toy indoors and outdoors. Something to keep them busy when you are working. You can keep a watch on the kids while they entertain themselves playing with this toy. It is easy to keep the kids engaged with these toys.

3. Musical Piano MatMusical Piano Mat

Boys can dance on the floor and create some music. This is a mat that comes with in-built animal sounds and also has a music mode. The mat has a smooth surface that is safe for kids to play on it barefoot. The one-year-old toddler can dance on this mat and enjoy the sounds coming from it. A fun toy for the kid to play by himself. A good gift to give to the mischievous kids to sharpen their focus and attention.

4. Colorful Tablet Piano CombinationColorful Tablet Piano Combination

This is a tablet-piano combination for kids that comes with a colorful screen. Kids can play the piano and learn multiple activities available with this play kit. It is battery operated and comes with volume control. A unique toy that the toddlers will love playing with. Learning and a fun game where the kids learn spellings, rhyming words, and many other things.

5. Animal Kingdom Quiz GameAnimal Kingdom Quiz Game

This is an interactive book where the kids can learn about various animals, their habitats, and learn more about the animals in a fun and an interactive way. This is a unique learning book that comes with a button, which when pressed reads the information in the book aloud. Kids can learn to hear all the information about the animals, their behavior, and all about their lives.

6. Wooden Clock Educational Toy For KidsWooden Clock Educational Toy For Kids

A colorful toy that helps the development of the brain of the toddlers. An interactive toy with removable blocks that teach kids to tell the time. It also comes with puzzles that the kids will enjoy solving. A fun game that the kids can play with the adults and playmates and have some learning time as well. They can also learn about numbers and different hours of the day.

7. Roller Ball With CharacterRoller Ball With Characters

This is a playing ball that is printed with colorful characters. It comes with sounds that get played when it senses touch. Kids will discover characters and have fun playing with this unique toy which is a ball with sounds. The ball makes sounds as the kid will toss and play with it. It also has numbers and animals that let the kids guess them and learn while playing the ball.

8. Remote Control Cartoon Race Car ToyRemote Control Cartoon Race Car Toy

This is a cartoon race car toy for the toddlers to play with. It comes with music and honking sounds. Kids will feel a lot of joy playing with this toy. It also has a flashing headlight giving it a realistic look. If you’re busy answering emails and doing all the tedious housework, and your kids are awake. These toys can keep them engaged and happy giving you a lesser chance to monitor them.

9. Toy Train With Colorful BallsToy Train With Colorful Balls

A unique car train that comes with balls with a bigger size that the kid cannot swallow while playing. When the ball gets dropped in the train it moves and creates sound and music. It develops many skills in the toddler and lets them have many hours of fun with this unique train toy. A cool 1st birthday gift ideas that you can pick to present it to the toddler.

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