Traveling by RV or Travel Trailers On The Backroads

 Traveling-by-RV-or-Travel-Trailers-On-The-BackroadsNot to many years ago and when my kids were younger we used to spend a lot of time traveling short distances from home on the weekends, in the beginning, we used tents and our van and as time went on and we could afford it we had a bought a pickup and camper and eventually we bought a traveler trailer. I can tell you, we had so much fun driving to the campground where we could set up for the weekend and enjoy some good grub making dutch oven potatoes and cooking on the grill. My favorite was when we would make breakfast of bacon, eggs, and the “grilled toast”, there is nothing better than cooking in the outdoors. The smell is heavenly!

One of our favorite places was Timpanogos, up Lehi canyon off of 115, which was only about a 45-minute drive from Salt Lake. Close enough to head out from work on a Friday afternoon, get out of the rush and enjoy the fresh air and campfires.

Eventually, we sold the travel trailer and bought our first motorhome, with the first one we had a lot of fixing up to do. We had to buy parts for the fridge and stove inside and my husband was always handy with what needed repairing. However, it was sometimes a challenge to find the parts we needed and that was before we had internet and Amazon to get things quick.

And there were always things we needed like electrical supplies, awnings, tie-downs. One of the items that were not available at the time was a monitor for the water, now there is Campsmart to find everything that an owner of an RV would need, not to mention finding supplies online these days.

I sure wish I had pictures to share with you of some of our camping trips. One that took us 10 days was traveling across Wyoming, to Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills region of South Dakota and while we were in that area we also drove through the Badlands of North Dakota, what a huge difference in terrain!!

While we were at it we traveled to Bedrock City where the kids loved going to Flintstones theme park in Custer, South Dakota also in the Black Hills, which featured buildings and the Flintstone characters. I’ve read where they closed it down in 1996.

We had really great times traveling and as the kids grew up and started doing more things with their friend they spent less time with us, so it ended up just being the two of us, not the same as you can imagine but we did love any direction we would go every weekend we could. There’s nothing like being in the mountains, most of the time we were in Utah one direction or another.
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6 Replies to “Traveling by RV or Travel Trailers On The Backroads”

  1. Me and my husband just bought our first travel trailer and we love it! We only had a tent before this but now that we are older it is too hard to camp in a tent. I love reading about bloggers experiences with their RVs. I will come back and read your other posts. Hopefully, one day we will make it to Utah. It’s on our list. Now I know where exactly in Utah we will go!

  2. What lovely memories, Karren! A camper or motorhome really is a great way to see a lot of places with a family. Thank you so much for sharing this post with The Hearth and Soul Link Party!

  3. Sounds like you had so many wonderful times. We did a lot of camping when I was a kid. (I’m 55, so that was a while ago.) I agree, breakfast cooked over a campfire is so tasty! My husband and I do quite a bit of traveling. Many times, our expeditions take us through Utah (we live in Las Vegas). Utah is such a beautiful state!

  4. I have wonderful memories of going by RV or motorhome on vacations with my grandparents. They took us so many places and while I always wanted to travel that way with our boys my husband did not agree. LOL. Since he was most definitely going to be the one driving and setting up at the campsite I couldn’t argue.

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